Painting (332)

Buy NIOS Class 12 Painting Books 332, guide books and help books.

The books for NIOS Class 12 (Sr. Secondary) Painting are reference books and exam preparation books.

Available in both English and Hindi medium.

The NIOS Class 12 (Senior Secondary) Painting Books are prepared and designed in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern.

The study material of the books prepares students studying in NIOS Class 12 Painting subject with complete subject matter.
NIOS Class 12 Painting Syllabus
The syllabus of the NIOS Class 12 Senior Secondary consist of:

Art of Indus Valley Civilization, Art From Maurya To Gupta Period,
Ajanta Caves, Temple Art And Sculpture,
Indian Bronzes, Indo-Islamic Architecture,
Mughal School, Rajasthani School Of Painting,
Pahari School Of Miniature Painting, Deccan School Of Painting,
Company School, Pioneers Of Contemporary Art Movements In India,
Contemporary Art Of India, Folk Painting

Please note: The books here in are NOT the standard textbook of Painting that NIOS publishes and distributes to its students.

Thus, the books are published by private publishers, but strictly in accordance with the syllabus curriculum.

The NIOS Class 12 Painting books are of immense help to students who have opted Painting as their subject in Senior Secondary course.

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Showing all 5 results