Home Science (321)

Buy online NIOS Class 12 Home Science Books 321, guide books and help books.

The books for NIOS Class 12 Home Science (subject code 321) are available in English and Hindi medium.

The Guide Books and Help Books are also known as Reference Books and Preparation Books for the NIOS Class 12 (Senior Secondary) Home Science subject.

Available in both English and Hindi medium, the books are prepared and designed as per the syllabus and exam pattern of the subject Home Science.
NIOS Class 12 Home Science Syllabus

The Art And Science of Managing Home
Food And Nutrition
Resource Management
Human Development
Textiles and Clothing
Housekeeping (Optional)
Creative Hand Embroidery (Optional)

Please note: the books mentioned here are NOT the standard textbooks that NIOS publishes and distribute to its students.

Other way round, the NIOS Class 12 Sr. Secondary Home Science books are books published by private publishers. However, in accordance with the syllabus of the subject Home Science.

The NIOS Class XII Home Science Books are immensely helpful to students pursuing their study.

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Showing all 6 results