Economics (318)

Buy NIOS Class 12 Economics books 318 available in both English and Hindi medium.

The NIOS Class 12 Economics (318) books are Guide books and Help books.

Books are prepared as per the syllabus and exam pattern of NIOS Senior Secondary Economics (318) subject.
NIOS Senior Secondary Economics Books Syllabus
The Chapters are arranged in the modules given below:

Statistical Tools
Introduction to Economics
Consumer’s Behaviour
Producer’s Behaviour
Market and Price Determination
National Income Accounting
Theory of Income and Employment
Money, Banking and Government Budget

Please note: The books for NIOS Class 12 Economics available here are NOT the standard textbook published and distributed by NIOS.

Therefore, the NIOS books for Class 12 Economics mentioned here are NOT the text books but the books are guide books published by private publishers.

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Showing all 6 results