Science (212)

Buy online NIOS Class 10 Science Books 212, the best Reference Books and Guide Books.

The Books for NIOS Class 10 Science 212 are published strictly in accordance with the syllabus of the subject.

The Science Guide Books for NIOS Secondary Course is available in both English and in Hindi language.
NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Syllabus
Here is the syllabus that the Guide Books for NIOS Class 1oth follow:

Measurement in Science
Matter in our Surroundings
Moving Things
The Living World
Natural Resources
Humans and Environment

Please note: The Science and Technology Books for NIOS Class 10 (Secondary Course) mentioned here in are NOT the standard textbook that NIOS publishes and distribute to its students.

The books are published by private publishers. It strictly follows the syllabus and curriculum of the subject.

We have observed that the students of NIOS Class 1oth have immensely benefited with the Science & Technology books.

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Showing all 9 results