Economics (214)

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The Economics books for NIOS Class 10 (Secondary Course) is prepared strictly in accordance to the syllabus and curriculum of the subject.

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It is to be noted that the books are NOT the e-books OR it is in the PDF format. The books are paperback editions.
NIOS Class 10 Economics Syllabus

Understanding Economics
About Economy
Producing Goods and Services
Distribution of Goods and Services
Money, Banking and Insurance
Presentation and Analysis of Data in Economics
Indian Economy
Contemporary Economic Issues

Please note: the NIOS Class 10 Economics Books mentioned here are NOT the standard Economics textbook that NIOS publishes and distribute to its students.

The NIOS Class 10 Economics Guide & Help Books immensely help students who have opted Economics as a subject in the NIOS Secondary course.

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Showing all 6 results