Life Sciences (LSE)

Buy IGNOU BSc Life Science Books LSE Online. consist of complete range of books for IGNOU BSc Biology LSE course.

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The complete course consist of:

LSE 1 Cell Biology
LSE 2 Ecology
LSE 3 Genetics
LSE 4L Laboratory Course-I
LSE 5 Physiology
LSE 6 Developmental Biology
LSE 7 Taxonomy and Evolution
LSE 8L Laboratory Course-II
LSE 9 Animal Diversity-I $
LSE 10 Animal Diversity-II To be taken together $
LSE 11L Animal Diversity Laboratory $
LSE 12 Plant Diversity-I $$
LSE 13 Plant Diversity-II To be taken together $$
LSE 14L Plant Diversity Laboratory $$

$ to be taken together

$$ to be taken together

Note: If a student opt for LSE 9, LSE 10 and LSE 11L, he or she cannot opt for LSE 12, LSE 13 and LSE 14L, and vice-versa.

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Showing all 10 results