Chemistry (CHE)

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Syllabus of IGNOU BSc Chemistry Programme

CHE 1 Atoms and Molecules #
CHE 3L Chemistry Laboratory-I #
CHE 2 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 4 Physical Chemistry
CHE 5 Organic Chemistry
CHE 6 Organic Reaction Mechanism
CHE 7L Chemistry Laboratory-II ##
CHE 8L Chemistry Laboratory-III ##
CHE 9 Biochemistry
CHE 10 Spectroscopy
CHE 11L Chemistry Laboratory-IV
CHE 12L Chemistry Laboratory-V
MTE 3 Mathematical Methods

# to be taken together

## to be taken together

Please note:

CHE 1 is a pre-requisite for CHE4, CHE 5 and CHE10.
CHE1 is a co-requisite for CHE2.
CHE2 is a pre-requisite for CHE10.
CHE 5 is a co-requisite for CHE6 and pre-requisite for CHE9 & CHE10.

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Showing all 14 results