Foundation Course

IGNOU Foundation Course Assignments, a complete list of assignments available in .PDF format and in Hardcopy format.

Important Assignments of IGNOU FC has been added here.

.PDF format of IGNOU FC (Foundation Course) is emailed to students; while hardcopy assignments is posted to students at their address.

All the compulsory subjects of IGNOU FC (Foundation Course) Assignments has been added here.

Be that of Compulsory subjects assignments: BSHF 101 (Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences); FST 1 (Foundation Course in Science & Technology);  BEGF 101 (Foundation Course in English-1), FHD 2 (Foundation Course in Hindi-2).

Or it is of important Optional Subjects.

Get IGNOU Foundation Course Guide Books cum Reference Books prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the IGNOU syllabus and exam pattern.

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Showing all 5 results