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Get NIOS books, reference and guide books, in English and Hindi medium from the reputed publishers catering to NIOS school curriculum.

The complete list of books consist of NIOS Class 10 Secondary and Class 12 Senior Secondary.

The NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12 help books and guide books mentioned here are strictly prepared and designed in accordance to the NIOS syllabus and exam pattern of questions asked in the examination.

Buy NIOS Reference books online. We are catering books to NIOS students since 2009.

The NIOS books mentioned here are NOT the standard textbooks provided by NIOS to the students.

The NIOS books available here must not be confused with the books that are sent by NIOS to its students.

Students pursuing course in NIOS whether in Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary) buy the reference books available here to assist in their studies.
NIOS Class 10 Subject Reference Books List

Business Studies/Commerce (215)
 Data Entry Operations (229)
 Economics (214)
 English (202)
 Hindi (हिन्दी) (201)
 Home Science (216)
 Indian Culture Heritage (223)
 Mathematics (211)
 Painting (225)
 Psychology (222)
 Punjabi (210)
 Sanskrit (संस्कृत) (209)
 Science (212)
 Social Science (213)
 Typing (218)
 Urdu (उर्दू)  (206)  (Full Course)
 Word Processing (219)

NIOS Class 12 Subject Reference Books List

Accountancy (320)
Biology (314)
 Business Studies/Commerce (319)
 Chemistry   (313)
 Class 12 Data Entry Operations (336)
 Computer Science   (330)
 Economics   (318)
 English   (302)
 Environmental Science   (333)
 Geography   (316)
 Hindi   (301)
 History   (315)
 Home Science   (321)
 Introduction to Law Class 12 Book (338)
 Library & Information Science Book 339
 Mass Communications   (335)
 Maths   (311)
 Painting   (332)
 Physics   (312)
 Political Science   (317)
 Psychology   (328)
 Sanskrit   (309)
 Secretarial Practice (326)
 Sociology (331)
 Type Writing (323)
 Urdu (306)
 Word Processing (327)

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