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IGNOU BCom Study Material Download PDF

Download IGNOU BCom Study Material in PDF format. Available in English medium/ language. Complete and comprehensive list of IGNOU Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) standard textbooks published by NIOS is presented. Proper care has been taken for accuracy and ease to download.

Get IGNOU Guide Books for BCom, prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern. Consist of Previous Years Solved Question Papers.

Table of Contents

ECO-01 Business Organisation [Download]

Block-1 Basic Concepts and Forms of Business Organisation

Unit-1 Nature and Scope of Business
Unit-2 Forms of Business Organisation-I
Unit-3 Forms of Business Organisation-II
Unit-4 Business Promotion

Block-2 Financing of Business

Unit-5 Methods of Raising Finance
Unit-6 Sources of Long Term Finance and Underwriting
Unit-7 Stock Exchanges

Block-3 Marketing

Unit-8 Advertising
Unit-9 Advertising Media
Unit-10 Home Trade and Channels of Distribution
Unit-11 Wholesalers and Retailers
Unit-12 Procedure for Import and Export Trade

Block-4 Business Services

Unit-13 Banking
Unit-14 Business Risk and Insurance
Unit-15 Transport and Warehousing

Block-5 Government and Business

Unit-16 Government in Business
Unit-17 Forms of Organisation in Public Enterprises
Unit-18 Public Utilities

ECO-02 Accountancy-I [Download]

Block-1 Accounting Fundamentals

Unit-1 Basic Concepts of Accounting
Unit-2 The Accounting Process
Unit-3 Cash Book And Bank Reconciliation
Unit-4 Other Subsidiary Books
Unit-5 Bills of Exchange

Block-2 Final Accounts

Unit-6 Concepts Relating to Final Accounts
Unit-7 Final Accounts I
Unit-8 Final Accounts II
Unit-9 Errors and Their Rectification

Block-3 Consignment and Joint Ventures

Unit-10 Consignment Accounts-I
Unit-11 Consignment Accounts-II
Unit-12 Consignment Accounts-III
Unit-13 Joint Venture Accounts

Block-4 Accounts from Incomplete Records

Unit-14 Self-Balancing System
Unit-15 Accounts from Incomplete Records-I
Unit-16 Accounts from Incomplete Records-II
Unit-17 Accounts from Incomplete Records-III

Block-5 Accountancy – I

Unit-18 Accounts of Non-Trading Concerns-I
Unit-19 Accounts of Non-trading Concerns – II
Unit-20 Depreciation – I
Unit-21 Depreciation – II
Unit-22 Provisions and Reserves

ECO-03 Management Theory [Download]

Block-1 Mangement: Introduction and Overview

Unit-1 Nature and Scope of Management
Unit-2 Approaches to the Study of Management
Unit-3 Process and Principles of Management

Block-2 Planning and Organising

Unit-4 Fundamentals of Planning
Unit-5 Plan, Policies, Schedules and Procedures
Unit-6 Organizing: Basic Concepts
Unit-7 Departmentation and Forms of Authority Relationships
Unit-8 Delegation and Decentralisation

Block-3 Staffing and Directing

Unit-9 Staffing
Unit-10 Directing
Unit-11 Motivation
Unit-12 Leadership
Unit-13 Communication

Block-4 Coordination and Control

Unit-14 Coordination
Unit-15 Process of Control
Unit-16 Techniques of Control

ECO-05 Mercantile Law [Download]

Block-1 General Law of Contract-I

Block-1 General Law of Contract-I
Block-2 General Law of Contract II
Block-3 Specific Contracts and Arbitration
Block-4 Partnership
Block-5 Sale of Goods

Block-2 General Law of Contract II

Unit-5 Consideration and Legality of Object
Unit-6 Void Agreements and Contingent Agreements
Unit-7 Performance and Discharge
Unit-8 Remedies for Breach and Quasi Contracts

Block-3 Specific Contracts and Arbitration

Unit-9 Indemnity and Guarantee
Unit-10 Bailment and Pledge
Unit-11 Contract of Agency
Unit-12 Carriage of Goods

Block-4 Partnership

Unit-13 Definition and Registration of Partnership
Unit-14 Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Partners
Unit-15 Dissolution of Partnership Firms

Block-5 Sale of Goods

Unit-16 Nature of Contract of Sale
Unit-17 Conditions and Warranties
Unit-18 Transfer of Ownership and Delivery
Unit-19 Rights of an Unpaid Seller

ECO-06 Economic Theory [Download]

Block-1 Fundamental Problem of Economic System and Basic Concepts

Unit-1 Fundamental Problems of Economic Systems
Unit-2 Basic Concepts
Unit-3 Economic systems

Block-2 Consumer Behaviour and the Demand Theory

Unit-4 Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and Equimarginal Utility
Unit-5 Indifference Curve Analysis
Unit-6 Consumer Demand
Unit-7 Elasticity of Demand

Block-3 Theory of Production

Unit-8 The Production Function I
Unit-9 The Production Function II
Unit-10 Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply
Unit-11 Theory of Costs and Costs Curves

Block-4 Theory of Price

Unit-12 Equilibrium Concept and Conditions
Unit-13 Perfect Competition
Unit-14 Monopoly
Unit-15 Monopolistic Competition
Unit-16 Oligopoly

Block-5 Distribution of Income

Unit-17 Theory of Distribution
Unit-18 Distribution of Income I : Wages and Interest
Unit-19 Distribution of Income II : Rent and Profit
Unit-20 Inequality of Income

ECO-07 Elements of Statistics [Download]

Block-1 Basic Statistical Concepts

Unit-1 Meaning and Scope of Statistics
Unit-2 Organising a Statistical Survey
Unit-3 Accuracy, Approximation and Errors
Unit-4 Ratios, Percentages and Rates

Block-2 Collection, Classification and Presentation of Data

Unit-5 Collection of Data
Unit-6 Classification of Data
Unit-7 Tabular Presentation
Unit-8 Diagrammatic Presentation
Unit-9 Graphic Presentation

Block-3 Measures of Central Tendency

Unit-10 Concept of Central Tendency and Mean
Unit-11 Median
Unit-12 Mode
Unit-13 Geometric, Harmonic and Moving Averages

Block-4 Measures of Dispersion and Skewness

Unit-14 Measures of Dispersion-I
Unit-15 Measures of Dispersion-II
Unit-16 Measure of Skewness

ECO-08 Company Law [Download]

Block-1 Company and its Formation

Unit-1 Nature and Types of Companies
Unit-2 Public and Private Companies
Unit-3 Promoters
Unit-4 Formation of Company

Block-2 Principal Documents

Unit-5 Memorandum of Association
Unit-6 Articles of Association
Unit-7 Prospectus

Block-3 Capital and Management

Unit-8 Share and Loan Capital
Unit-9 Allotment of Shares
Unit-10 Membership in a Company
Unit-11 Directors

Block-4 Meetings and Winding Up

Unit-12 Company Secretary
Unit-13 Meetings and Resolutions
Unit-14 Winding Up

ECO-09 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions [Download]

Block-1 Monetary Theory

Unit-1 Money : Nature, Functions and Significance
Unit-2 Demand for and Supply of Money
Unit-3 Money and Prices
Unit-4 Inflation

Block-2 Banking Theory and Practice

Unit 5 Commercial Banking
Unit 6 Commercial Banking in India
Unit 7 Central Banking
Unit 8 Reserve Bank of India

Block-3 Non Banking Financial Institutions in India

Unit-10 Non-Bank Financial Intermediation – An Overview
Unit-11 Term-Lending Financial Institutions – All India Level
Unit-12 Term-Lending Financial Institutions – State Level
Unit-13 Agricultural Finance in India

Block-4 International Financial System

Unit-14 International Financial System – An Introduction
Unit-15 International Monetary Fund
Unit-16 World Bank

ECO-10 Elements of Costing [Download]

Block-1 Basic Concepts

Unit-1 Nature and Scope
Unit-2 Concept of Cost and Its Ascertainment

Block-2 Materials and Labour

Unit-3 Procurement, Storage and Issue
Unit-4 Inventory Control
Unit-5 Pricing the Issue of Materials
Unit-6 Labour

Block-3 Overheads

Unit-7 Classification and Distribution of Overheads
Unit-8 Absorption of Factory Overheads
Unit-9 Treatment of Other Overheads

Block-4 Methods of Costing

Unit-10 Costing
Unit-11 Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
Unit-12 Job and Contract Costing
Unit-13 Process Costing

ECO-11 Elements of Income-Tax [Download]

Block-1 Fundamentals

Unit-1 Basic Concepts-I
Unit-2 Basic Concepts-II
Unit-3 Residential Status and Tax Liability
Unit-4 Exempted Incomes Under Section I0

Block-2 Salaries

Unit-5 Salaries-I
Unit-6 Salaries-II
Unit-7 Salaries-III

Block-3 Other Heads of Income

Unit-8 Income from House Property
Unit-9 Capital Gains
Unit-10 Income from Other Sources

Block-4 Assessment of Individual

Unit-11 Deductions from Gross Total Income
Unit-12 Computation of Total Income
Unit-13 Filing of Return and Tax Authorities

ECO-12 Elements of Auditing [Download]

Block 1 Fundamentals of Auditing

Unit-1 Basic Concepts
Unit-2 Internal Control
Unit-3 Audit Planning

Block 2 Vouching and Verification

Unit-4 Vouching and Cash Transactions
Unit-5 Vouching of Trading Transactions and Impersonal Ledger
Unit-6 Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities I
Unit-7 Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities II

ECO-13 Business Environment [Download]

Block-1 Introduction to Business Environment

Unit-1 Nature and Dimensions of Business Environment
Unit-2 Economic Environment : An Overview
Unit-3 Social and Cultural Environment

Block-2 Business and Government

Unit-4 Structure of Indian Economy
Unit-5 Role of Government in Business
Unit-6 Macro Economic Policies
Unit-7 Consumer Protection

Block-3 Economic Policy and Framework

Unit-8 Industrial Policy
Unit-9 Industrial Sickness
Unit-10 Industrial Relations
Unit-11 Small Scale Sector

Block-4 External Sector and Economic Reforms

Unit-12 Foreign Investment and MNCs
Unit-14 Balance of Payments and EXIM Policy
Unit-15 International Trade Relations
Unit-16 New Economic Policy
Unit-13 India’s Foreign Trade

ECO-14 Accountancy II [Download]

Block-1 Branch and Departmental Accounts

Unit-1 Branch Accounts – I
Unit-2 Branch Accounts – II
Unit-3 Departmental Accounts

Block-2 Hire Purchase Accounts

Unit-4 Hire Purchase Accounts I
Unit-5 Hire Purchase Accounts II
Unit-6 Hire Purchase Accounts III

Block-3 Partnership Accounts

Unit-7 General Introduction and Distribution of Profits
Unit-8 Admission of a Partner
Unit-9 Retirement or Death of a Partner
Unit-10 Dissolution of A Partnership Firm

Block-4 Company Accounts-I

Unit-11 General Introduction
Unit-12 Record of Share Capital Transactions
Unit-13 Issue and Redemption of Debentures
Unit-14 Purchase of Business and, Profits Prior To Incorporation

Block-5 Company Accounts-II

Unit-15 Final Accounts – I
Unit-16 Final Accounts – II
Unit-17 Analysis of Financial Statement
Unit-18 Statement of Changes in Financial Position – I
Unit-19 Statement of Changes in Financial Position – II

IGNOU BCom Guide Books

Besides IGNOU BCom standard textbooks to download, purchase guide books and reference books specifically for IGNOU BCom programme.

The IGNOU BCom Guide Books are available in both English and Hindi medium of reputed publishers.

For any type of query on IGNOU BCom Reference Books, please let us know.

Very helpful books for IGNOU BCOM students for study and exam preparation.

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