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Where can I Buy NIOS books?

A very common question: Where can I buy NIOS books?

When we say NIOS Books, it is categorised into

  • Standard Textbooks (published by NIOS and distributed to its students)
  • Guide Books & Help Books (published by private publishers)

Standard Textbooks

The NIOS textbooks (read stand textbooks) are NOT freely available in the open market. Though it can be arranged on special cases.

We have provided the standard textbooks to a very few customers.

However, those who are interested to get the NIOS textbooks, can either download from the official NIOS website or contact NIOS.

So, to the question: Where can I buy NIOS books (i.e., Standard Textbooks)? Try at your end to get the books from study centers or from NIOS. In case, you are not able to buy the books, contact us.

Guide Books & Help Books

The other category i.e., Guide Books also known as Help Books and Reference Books are freely available in the market.

The books that we provide to the students are NOT the standard textbooks, they are guide books or say NIOS help books for exam preparation which contains easy-to-understand study materials with past year solved question papers.

These NIOS books published by independent publishers help student to master the subject and face the examination with confidence.

We have been providing NIOS help books to Indian students as well as students pursuing the course aboard.

Since the inception of, we have served students helping them to get the best NIOS guide books. Shop NIOS Class 10 Books and Class 12 Guide Books.

We have gained the confidence and trust of students and of their parents.

It is lovely and enchanting experience to be a part of the students’ happiness. Read Customer Testimonials

We sell the best NIOS Guide books and Help books available in the market for both Class 10 and Class 12.

The books that we provide are original and are of latest edition. It doesn’t mean we only sell the books. It is more than selling. It is more of guiding them and to be a part of the exam preparation.

We go a long way to fulfill the wishes of students whether it is getting the additional books helpful for the exam preparation.

In this endeavour, we also provide question papers online. Students can download at their ease the question papers of NIOS Class 10 and Class 12.

Download NIOS Previous Year Question Papers

NIOS Class 10 Question Papers

NIOS Class 12 Question Papers

The question papers are not solved; it helps students to feel and experience the original question paper that they would be provided in the examination hall.

They come to know the exam pattern, the probable questions that are important and repeated year-after-year.

In this proud journey, we are associated with the best publishers of NIOS guide books and help books like Neeraj and TOP Publication.

In the same breathe we provide complete help books of NIOS. A student can choose or they have the option to choose the best books for their exam preparation.

So, to the question: Where can I buy NIOS books (i.e., Guide Books & Help Books)? We at have extensive range of books on NIOS. We can avail the books at your doorstep.

For any type of query, email us at <[email protected]>. We would be happy to extend our help.

We hope, we have been able to answer the question: Where can I buy NIOS books?

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