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Available in English medium. NIOS Class 12 (Senior Secondary) Home Science Standard Textbooks consisting of Chapters.

Chapter 1
Home Family and Home Science
Chapter 2 Ethics In Daily Life
Chapter 3 Family Health and Security
Chapter 4 Food, Nutrition and Health
Chapter 5 Meal Planning
Chapter 6 Nutritional Status
Chapter 7
Purchase and Storage of Food
Chapter 8 Preparation of Food
Chapter 9 Food Preservation
Chapter 10
Family Resources Management
Chapter 11
Time and Energy Management
Chapter 12 Space Management
Chapter 13 Income Management
Chapter 14 Energy Conservation
Chapter 15 Environment Management
Chapter 16 Household Equipment
Chapter 17 Consumer Education
Chapter 18
Growth and Development (0-5)
Chapter 19
Growth and Development (6-11)
Chapter 20 Adolescence
Chapter 21
Concerns and Issues in Human Development
Chapter 22
Introduction to Fabric Sciences
Chapter 23 Yarn and it’s construction
Chapter 24 Fabric Construction
Chapter 25 Textile Finishes
Chapter 26
Selection of Textiles and Clothing
Chapter 27 Care and Maintenance
Chapter 28A
Introduction to Housekeeping
Chapter 28B
Cleaning and Cleaning Materials
Chapter 29A Maintenance of Premises
Chapter 29B Aesthetics at Home
Chapter 30A Creative Hand Embroidery
Chapter 30B The Design
Chapter 31A Colour
Chapter 31B Embroidery Stitches


NIOS Class 12 Home Science Textbook Download (Hindi Medium) in PDF format. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 16
Chapter 2 Chapter 17
Chapter 3 Chapter 18
Chapter 4 Chapter 19
Chapter 5 Chapter 20
Chapter 6 Chapter 21
Chapter 7 Chapter 22
Chapter 8 Chapter 23
Chapter 9 Chapter 24
Chapter 10 Chapter 25
Chapter 11 Chapter 26
Chapter 12 Chapter 27
Chapter 13 Optional Module 1
Chapter 14 Chapter 28
Chapter 15 Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Optional Module 2
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31

NIOS Class 12 Home Science Guide Book

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