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NIOS students would be highly benefited by the textbook cum study material available here.

Books are available for Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).

NIOS Study Materials (Download)

All the subject books are available for both NIOS Secondary and NIOS Senior Secondary.

The study materials for both NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12 are available for both English and Hindi medium.

Download NIOS Class 10 Study Materials

Download NIOS Class 12 Study Materials

The textbooks-cum-study materials are also available for both Old and New syllabus.

The books are available in PDF format and it is in downloadable format.

The textbook cum study materials for NIOS Secondary (Class 10) and Senior Secondary (Class 12) are very important for NIOS students.

Those who have not received the textbook, students can download the study materials for NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12.

Since our inception in 2009, lakhs of NIOS students have downloaded the study materials cum textbooks.

The books are also very beneficial for aspirants who are preparing for Central and State Exams.

How to Buy NIOS Study Materials

Since the early days of our establishment, we have been associated with NIOS students, assisting them in every possible way.

Whether it is of availing the guide books or help books.

Or it is extending the experience gained and sharing them to students of Class 10 (Secondary) or Class 12 (Senior Secondary).

We have provided guidance to students in availing them the standard textbooks (books provided by NIOS). 

And even to those candidates who seek to use NIOS Study Materials as Reference Books.

The most common complaint received from student is:

“Sir, my exam is near and am yet to receive the books.” OR it is: “my books got misplaced in the recent times. Sir, how could I buy the NIOS study materials of Class 10/ Class 12.” 

And many times, we often hear this:

“I try to contact the official telephone number, nobody picks up in NIOS. I don’t know what to do.”

We have been students, we understand the tension and trauma that they are undergoing. However, in our days, getting books were not so easy. Before Google days! 

But here now, we try our best to ease out the grueling pressure that they are under.

Parents too have appreciated our guidance (here is one):

Thanks to the team & Mr Ajay who made my life easier to place order, though site is easy to navigate, placing order is confusing, many like me may not contact to finalize the order…but may just look for other sites…a bit of thinking on conclusion of order part shd help to increase ur sales.

Mahesh Nayak Jt MD, Lazarus Hospitals Visakhapatnam/ Hyderabad

For any type of query. Contact us. We will be eager to assist you. Or simply fill up the Form.

Guide Books & Help Books

We have a specialised category created for the NIOS books both for Guide Books & Help Books. 

The reference books are available in both English and Hindi medium. 

Each category is further categorised into subject category. And all the books for the specific subject is added & updated.

NIOS Class 10 Guide Books

NIOS Class 12 Guide Books 

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  1. Hi,
    I want the NIOS textbook for Bengali 203.
    I am not getting this. Please let me know where I will get this book.

  2. how many days ,can I receive my NIOS tenth Books after registration

  3. Sir i want nios urdu medium books for 10 class

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