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Download NIOS Text Book cum Study Material FREE

NIOS students would be highly benefited by the textbook cum study material available here.

Books are available for Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).

Download NIOS Class 10 Study Materials

Download NIOS Class 12 Study Materials

All the subject books are available for both NIOS Secondary and NIOS Senior Secondary.

The study materials for both NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12 are available for both English and Hindi medium.

The textbooks-cum-study materials are also available for both Old and New syllabus.

The books are available in both PDF format and it is in downloadable format.

The textbook cum study materials for NIOS Secondary (Class 10) and Senior Secondary (Class 12) are very important for NIOS students.

Those who have not received the textbook, students can download the study materials for NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12.

Since our inception in 2009, lakhs of NIOS students have downloaded the study materials cum textbooks.

The books are also very beneficial for aspirants who are preparing for Central and State Exams.

Guide Books & Help Books

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NIOS Class 10 Textbooks Download

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NIOS Class 12 Textbook Download

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