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How do I prepare for the NIOS exam?

NIOS Exam Preparation!

Since our establishment in 2009, it is one of the often repeated question from students: How can I prepare for the NIOS exam?

NIOS Exam is held in April/ May and in October / November.

Unfortunately, there is a funda among students. To some extent it is correct. Especially to the type of exams being held in India.

3 months, 3 weeks, 3 hours

A student has to study for 3 months intensively.

3 weeks more rigorously.

And ultimately, 3 hours in the exam. Do or die. Success or Failure.

Stage 1: Preparation in 2 months

Internalise the month and date of exams.

And please, don’t waste time talking about the exam with your friends or relatives.

Get hold of standard textbooks. If you are the one among those who are moaning: I have not received the books yet from NIOS.

Standard Textbooks

Download the NIOS study materials.

The standard textbooks are available in both English and Hindi medium.

And it is available to both Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).

If you are not comfortable with reading books in PDF format. You can simply at the earliest send your request to us to procure the standard textbooks.

Time Management

If you have received the standard books. Divide time for each subject.

Take break in between the studies.

Take light meal with lot of water and vegetables.

Be brutal with your time. Right from morning to evening.

Guide Books cum Help Books

Along with standard textbooks, get hold of NIOS reference books of the subjects.

The guide books (for Class 10 and Class 12) are very helpful and assist immensely to get hold of the subject and the concepts.

And at the same time, prepare oneself for the examination from the point.

Finish the syllabus of the subject in two months.

Don’t forget to make notes with important topics aided with pictures, diagrams etc.

Stage 2: Preparation in 1 month

Get hold of previous years previous years question papers of NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12.

Start following the solved question papers. Practice it.

Practice in the mock exam environment.

Revise what you have studied with important concepts. Memorise it.

Stage 3: Preparation in 3 Weeks

In this 3 weeks time period, revise the notes that you have prepared in the 3 months duration.

Make notes again, this time squeezing the content ruthlessly with very important topics and concepts.

Be sharp and fast with eye on the exam.

Don’t waste a minute.

Be practical during this period, topics/ concepts that you have failed to grasp. Leave it.

During this period, it is very much important what NOT to study. Accept it and leave it.

Stage 4: 3 hours Exam

Before the exam, take a deep sleep. Good sleep is very important.

Wake up early. Be relax and take deep breathe.

Visit the examination centre at an hour ago.

Give message to your mind, you have done the best to your capacity.

Once examination question paper is in hand. Allocate time to each question so that you can attempt each of them.

If you have followed an ounce of idea given here. Best of luck for your exam.

You would surely come through with flying colours.

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