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IGNOU MA Public Administration (MPA) Study Material Download

IGNOU MA Public Administration Textbooks Download. Available in PDF format and in English medium. Complete Standard Study Materials are available both for First Year and Second Year. Very helpful for IGNOU students and exam aspirants appearing for both central and state recruitment exams. Downloads are available – Unitwise and Blockwise.

Download IGNOU Study Materials of BA/ MA et al. A comprehensive page, very helpful for navigation and finding appropriate content required.

MPA-011 State, Society and Public Administration [Download]

Unit1 Nature of State
Unit2 Relationship among State, Society and Public Administration
Unit3 Changing Role of the State: Issues and Challenges
Unit4 Liberal and Marxist Perspective of the State
Unit5 Neoliberal Perspective
Unit6 Gandhian Perspective
Unit7 Interface between Citizens and Administration
Unit8 Democratic Peoples’ Struggle: Case Studies
Unit9 Changing Norms of Social Equity, Participation, Flexibility and Autonomy
Unit10 Social Participation: Issues of Gender, Weaker Sections and Environment
Unit11 Changing Nature of Indian State
Unit12 Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Formulation, Implementation and Analysis
Unit13 Contemporary Context of Indian Bureaucracy
Unit14 Impact of Globalisation on Administration
Unit15 Challenges to Traditional Bureaucratic Paradigm
Unit16 Emerging Concepts: New Public Management, Reinventing Government and Business Process engineering
Unit17 Concept of Good Governance
Unit18 Governmental Institutions: Towards Reforms
Unit19 Growing Role of Civil Society Organisations
Unit20 Redefinition of Conflict Resolution

Download IGNOU MPA 11 MA Public Administration Study Material

MPA-012 Administrative Theory [Download]

Unit1 Public Administration Meaning, Nature and Scope and Importance
Unit2 Nature and Typologies of Organisation
Unit3 Development and Growth of Administrative Theories
Unit4 Scientific Management Approach
Unit5 Administrative Management Approach
Unit6 Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy
Unit7 Critique of Bureaucracy
Unit8 Human Relations Approach
Unit9 Views of Herbert A. Simon on DecisoinMaking in an Organisation
Unit10 Organisational Structure, Processes and Functioning
Unit11 SocioPsychological Approach: Views of Chris Argyris
Unit12 SocioPsychological Approach: Views of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg
Unit13 SocioPsychological Approach: Views of Doughlas Mcgregor and Victor Vroom
Unit14 Open and Cooperative Systems
Unit15 Systems Approach: Views of David Easton and Chester Barnard
Unit16 Concept of Learning Organisation
Unit17 New Organisational Culture
Unit18 New Public Administration
Unit19 Perspective of Public Choice
Unit20 Pertinence of Critical Theory

Download IGNOU MPA 12 MA Public Administration Study Material

MPA-013 Public Systems Management [Download]

Unit1 Public Systems Management: Concept, Nature, Scope and Characteristics
Unit2 Distinctiveness of Public Systems Management
Unit3 Public Systems Management: Constitutional Context
Unit4 Public Systems Management: Political Context
Unit5 Public Systems Management: Socioeconomic Context
Unit6 New Technologies and Public Systems Management
Unit7 Concept of Governance: An Introduction
Unit8 Governance: Role of Bureaucracy and Political Executive
Unit9 Governance: Role of the Legislature and the Judiciary
Unit10 Intergovernmental Relations in the Process of Governance
Unit11 Financial Management
Unit12 Materials/Logistics Management
Unit13 Strategic Management
Unit14 Key Management Tools
Unit15 Management Information System
Unit16 Work Measurement
Unit17 Selective Market Techniques
Unit18 Future Designing Techniques
Unit19 Accountability
Unit20 Responsiveness in Public System Management

Download IGNOU MPA 13 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPA-014 Human Resource Management [Download]

Unit1 Human Resource Management: Meaning, Nature, Scope and Significance
Unit2 Strategic Human Resource Management
Unit3 Human Resource Planning and Strategy
Unit4 Job Analysis and Job Design
Unit5 Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Promotion
Unit6 Performance Appraisal
Unit7 Remuneration and Salary System
Unit8 Rewards and Incentive Management
Unit9 Employee Benefits
Unit10 Training and Development
Unit11 Redeployment and Reskilling
Unit12 Learning and Development
Unit13 Management Development
Unit14 Employee Capacity Building Strategies
Unit15 Total Quality Management
Unit16 Employee Health and Safety
Unit17 Human Resource Management and Employment Involvement
Unit18 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Unit19 Discipline and Grievances
Unit20 Assessing Human Resource Management Effectiveness

Download IGNOU MPA 14 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development [Download]

Unit1 Legacy of National Movement With Reference To Development, Rights and Participation
Unit2 Debate on Models of Development
Unit3 Constitution and Social Transformation
Unit4 Diversity and Pluralism
Unit5 Inequality: Caste and Class
Unit6 Political Economy of Development
Unit7 Structure and Growth of Economy (Poverty, Surplus and Unevenness)
Unit8 Legislature
Unit9 Bureaucracy, Police and Army
Unit10 Legal System and Judiciary
Unit11 Federalism
Unit12 Devolution of Powers and Local SelfGovernment
Unit13 Political Parties and Political Participation
Unit14 Workers and Peasant Movements in India
Unit15 Media and Public Policy
Unit16 Interest Groups and Policy Making
Unit17 Identity Politics in India (Caste, Religion, Language and Ethnicity)
Unit18 Civil Societies: Social Movements, Ngo’s and Voluntary Action
Unit19 Human Development: Health, Education and Social Security
Unit20 Gender and Development
Unit21 Regional Imbalances
Unit22 Migration and Development
Unit23 Environment and Sustainable Development
Unit24 Economic Reforms and Globalisation
Unit25 Religious Politics
Unit26 Ethnicity and Nation State
Unit27 Democracy and Development in India: An Assessment

Download IGNOU MPS 3 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MSO-002 Research Methodologies and Methods [Download]

Block-1 Approaches to Understanding Social Reality

Unit1 Logic of Inquiry in Social Research
Unit2 Empirical Approach
Unit3 Diverse Logic of Theory Building
Unit4 Theoretical Analysis

Block-2 Philosophical Foundations of Social Research

Unit5 Issues of Epistemology
Unit6 Philosophy of Social Science
Unit7 Positivism and its Critique
Unit8 Hermeneutics

Block-3 Contemporary Perspectives

Unit9 Comparative Method
Unit10 Feminist Approach
Unit11 Participatory Method

Block-4 Types, Methods and Design of Research

Unit12 Types of Research
Unit13 Methods of Research
Unit14 Elements of Research Design

Block-5 Quantitative Methods

Unit15 Sampling Methods and Estimation of Sample Size
Unit16 Measures of Central Tendency
Unit17 Measures of Dispersion and Variability
Unit18 Statistical Inference: Tests of Hypothesis
Unit19 Correlation and Regression

Block-6 Survey Research

Unit20 Survey Method
Unit21 Survey Design
Unit22 Survey Instrumentation
Unit23 Survey Execution and Data Analysis

Block-7 Qualitative Research Methods and Techniques

Unit24 Field Research I
Unit25 Field Research II
Unit26 Reliability, Validity and Triangulation
Unit27 Qualitative Data Formatting and Processing
Unit28 Writing up Qualitative Data

Block-8 Data Analysis and Presentation of Research Findings

Unit29 Using Internet and Word Processor
Unit30 Using SPSS for Data Analysis Contents
Unit31 Using SPSS in Report Writing
Unit32 Tabulation and Graphic Presentation Case Studies
Unit33 Guidelines to Research Project Assignment

Download IGNOU MSO 2 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPA-015 Public Policy and Analysis [Download]

Unit1 Understanding Public Policy
Unit2 The Policy Cycle
Unit3 Models of Public Policy
Unit4 Importance of Public Policy: Contemporary Context
Unit5 Policy Sciences
Unit6 Role of InterGovernmental Relations in PolicyMaking
Unit7 Role of Planning Commission and National Development Council in Policy Formulation
Unit8 Role of Cabinet Secretariat and Prime Minister’s Office in PolicyMaking
Unit9 Role of Civil Society Organisations in PolicyMaking
Unit10 Role of International Agencies in PolicyMaking
Unit11 Constraints in Public Policy Formulation
Unit12 Public Policy: Implementation System and Models
Unit13 Role of Various Agencies in Policy Implementation
Unit14 Policy Implementation Problems
Unit15 Monitoring of Public PolicyI
Unit16 Monitoring of Public PolicyII
Unit17 Understanding Policy Evaluation
Unit18 Ascertaining Policy Impact
Unit19 Policy Analysis
Unit20 Policy Analysis: Methods and Techniques

Download IGNOU MPA 15 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPA-016 Decentralisation and Local Governance [Download]

Unit1 Concept, Evolution and Significance of Democratic Decentralisation
Unit2 Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation1: Political, Constitutional and Administrative
Unit3 Contextual Dimensions of Democratic DecentralisationIi: Social, Economic and Geographical
Unit4 Understanding Decentralisation in Contemporary Settings
Unit5 Components of Decentralised Development – I: Empowerment
Unit6 Components of Decentralised Development – II: Socioeconomic and Politicoadministrative
Unit7 Components of Decentralised Development – III Equal Distribution of Benefits of Development
Unit8 Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – I: Union and State Governments
Unit9 Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – II: Local Authorities and Special Purpose Agencies
Unit10 Partnership Between Local Government and NonState Agencies/Actors
Unit11 Impact of Decentralised Development
Unit12 Evolution of Local Governance (Before 73rd & 74th) Amendment
Unit13 Features Of 73rd and 74th constitutional Amendment
Unit14 Organisational Structure of Rural Local Bodies
Unit15 Organisational Structure of Urban Local Bodies
Unit16 IntraLocal Government RelationshipI: Rural
Unit17 IntraLocal Government Relationship II Urban
Unit18 Development Planning: Nature and Scope
Unit19 Micro Level Plans: Formulation and Implementation
Unit20 Structural Reforms: Resources, Finances, Powers and Functions

Download IGNOU MPA 16 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPA-017 Electronic Governance [Download]

Unit1 EGovernance : Concept and Significance
Unit2 Information and Communication Technology: Concept and Components
Unit3 ICTs : Roles and Applications
Unit4 Role of ICT in Administration
Unit5 Administrative Organisation Culture: Towards ICT Based Reforms
Unit6 Role of ICT in Rural Development
Unit7 Panchayati Raj Institutions: Improving Self Governance Through ICT
Unit8 ELearning: Role of ICT in Education and Training
Unit9 ECommerce
Unit10 Delivery of Citizen Services: Role of ICT
Unit11 ICT in Indian Railways
Unit12 Saukaryam: ICT Project in Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
Unit13 ESeva : ICT Project in SelfHelp in Andhra Pradesh
Unit14 Information Policy: Right to Information Act 2005
Unit15 ICT Implementation in Governance: Issues and Challenges

Download IGNOU MPA 17 MA Public Administration Study Material.

MPA-018 Disaster Management [Download]

Unit1 Meaning and Classification of Disasters
Unit2 Disaster Management Cycle
Unit3 Disaster Management – Recent Trends
Unit4 Disaster Preparedness: Indian Context
Unit5 Disaster Prevention
Unit6 Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment
Unit7 Resource Analysis and Mobilisation
Unit8 Disaster Mitigation
Unit9 Community Based Disaster Management
Unit10 Search, Rescue and Evacuation
Unit11 Temporary Shelter, Warehousing And Stockpiling
Unit12 Distribution of Relief Material
Unit13 Emergency Operation Centers
Unit14 Damage Assessment
Unit15 Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Unit16 Disasters and Development
Unit17 First Responders
Unit18 Disaster Manager
Unit19 Disaster Management Strategies

Download IGNOU MPA 18 MA Public Administration Study Material.

IGNOU Public Administration MPA Guide Books

Get complete and comprehensive list of IGNOU MA Public Administration MPA Guide Books and Reference Books. First Year and Second Year Help Books available in both English and Hindi medium.

The IGNOU MA Public Administration Books are prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern of IGNOU MPA course.

Books of reputed publishers are added. It comes with Previous Years Solved Question Papers. It immensely help students specifically in their exam preparation and reference.

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