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IGNOU BA Political Science (English) Study Material Download PDF

Download IGNOU BA Political Science Study Material (English) medium. These are standard textbooks of IGNOU BA Political Science available in PDF format. It is presented into Course > Block > Unit. Thus, IGNOU students as well as exam aspirants would find it very helpful to pinpoint exact material that they require and hence download.

The use of Table of Content would help to navigate the study material.

Table of Contents

EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought [Download]

Block-1 Background of Social and Political Thought

Unit-1 Colonial Intervention in Society, Economy and Polity
Unit-2 Modern Indian Political Thought : Issues and Approaches

Block-2 Socio-political Reform in the 19th Century India

Unit-3 Introduction
Unit-4 Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Unit-5 Justice M.G. Ranade
Unit-6 Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Block-3 Militant Nationalism

Unit-7 Introduction
Unit-8 B.G. Tilak
Unit-9 Sri Aurobindo
Unit-10 Bhagat Singh

Block-4 Colonialism, Caste Order and The Tribal Societies

Unit-11 Colonialism, Caste Order and Tribal Movements
Unit-12 Jyotiba Phule (1827-1890)
Unit-13 E. V. Ramaswami Naicker
Unit-14 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Unit-15 Anti-Colonial Tribal Movements In India

Block-5 Politics and Religion in Modern India The Interface

Unit-16 Introduction
Unit-17 Swami Dayanand Saraswti, Swami Vivekananda and V.D. Savarkar
Unit-18 Sir Syed and Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Iqbal, M.A. Jinnah and Abdul Kalam Azad

Block-6 Gandhism Evolution and Character

Unit-19 Concept of Swaraj, Satyagraha and Critique of Western Civilization
Unit-20 Sarvodaya and the Gandhian Alternative
Unit-21 Gandhian Social Reform : Bhudan Movement

Block-7 Nationalism and Social Revolution-I (Socialism)

Unit-22 Introduction
Unit-23 Jawaharlal Nehru
Unit-24 Subhash Chandra Bose
Unit-25 Political Thought of JP and Narendra Dev
Unit-26 Rammanohar Lohia

Block-8 Nationalism and Social Revolution II (Communists)

Unit-27 Introduction
Unit-28 Communists and the Indian National Movement (1925-47)
Unit-29 M.N. Roy – Marxism and Radical Humanism
Unit-30 Contemporary Marxist Thinking (Indian)
Unit-31 Nationalism and Social Revolution – An Overview

Download IGNOU EPS-03 Study Material in PDF format (English).

EPS-07 International Relations [Download]

Block-1 Understanding International Relations

Unit-1 Why Study International Relations? Scope and Approaches
Unit-2 Some Concepts : Imperialism, Nationalism, Fascism, Revolution
Unit-3 Some Concepts : State System, Power, National Interest, Security

Block-2 Inter-War Period

Unit-4 World War I : Clauses, Events and Consequences
Unit-5 Bolshevik Revolution and its Impact

Block-3 Cold War Period

Unit-6 World War II : Causes and Consequences (Emergence of Super Powers)
Unit-7 Cold War : Meaning, Patterns and Dimensions
Unit-8 Non-Aligned Movement
Unit-9 Arms Race and Nuclear Threat
Unit-10 Disarmament and Peace Movement

Block-4 Emergence of the Third World

Unit-11 Colonialism & Patterns of National Liberation Movements
Unit-12 Features of Third World States

Block-5 End of the Cold War and its Aftermath

Unit-13 The Gulf War
Unit-14 Distintegration of the Socialist BlocK
Unit-15 Perspectives on the Changing World Order

Block-6 Institutions and Organisations

Unit-16 Restructuring of the U.N. System
Unit-17 Globalisation of the Economy – IBRD, IMF and WTO
Unit-18 Regional Organisations : European Union, ASEAN, APEC, SAARC, OIC and OAU

Block-7 Issues in Development

Unit-19 Environment and Sustainable Human Development
Unit-20 Human Rights and International Politics
Unit-21 Ethno-National Conflicts/Patterns and Dimensions
Unit-22 International Terrorism
Unit-23 Revolution in Communication Technology

Download IGNOU EPS-07 Study Material in PDF format (English).

EPS-09 Comparative Government and Politics [Download]

Block-1 Comparative methods and Approaches

Unit-1 Nature, Scope and Utility of Comparative Study of Politics
Unit-2 Comparative Method and Strategies of Comparison
Unit-3 Institutional Approach
Unit-4 Systems Approach

Block-2 National Movement and Anti-colonial Struggles

Unit-6 Ideology, Social Bases and Programmes of National Movements
Unit-7 Patterns of Anti-Colonial Struggles
Unit-8 Dynamics of State Formation in Colonial Era

Block-3 Society, Economy and State

Unit-9 Social Structures and Stratification
Unit-10 Class Formation
Unit-11 Social Bases of State Power
Unit-12 Development Strategies

Block-4 Classification of Political Regimes

Unit-13 Modes of Classification of Political Regimes
Unit-14 Democratic and Authoritarian Regimes
Unit-15 Civilian and Military Regimes
Unit-16 Secular and Theocratic Regimes

Block-5 Institutions and Forms of Government

Unit-17 Organs of Government : Executive, Legislature and Judiciary
Unit-18 Unitary and Federal Systems : Patterns and Trends in Federal Systems
Unit-19 Republicanism

Block-6 Patterns of Political Participation and Representation

Unit-20 Party Systems
Unit-21 Pressure Groups
Unit-22 Electoral Process

Block-7 Social Movements

Unit-23 Trade Union Movement
Unit-24 Peasants
Unit-25 Women’s Movement
Unit-26 Environment
Unit-27 Human Rights Movements

Block-8 Globalisation and The Developing World

Unit-28 Globalisation: Background and Features
Unit-29 Impact of Globalisation on Developing Societies
Unit-30 Globalisation and the Response of the Developing Countries

Download IGNOU EPS-09 Study Material in PDF format (English).

EPS-11 Political Ideas and Ideologies [Download]

Block-1 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It

Unit-1 Understanding the Political
Unit-2 Theorising the Political
Unit-3 The Need for Political Theory
Unit-4 Conceptions of Political Theory
Unit-5 Political Arguments and Conceptual Analysis

Block-2 Political Traditions

Unit-6 Indian Political Traditions
Unit-7 The Confucian Tradition
Unit-8 Arabic-Islamic Political Traditions
Unit-9 Greek and Roman Traditions
Unit-10 Western: Liberal and Marxist Traditions

Block-3 Understanding the State

Unit-11 Meaning and Nature of the State
Unit-12 Sovereignty
Unit-13 State, Civil Society and Community

Block-4 Power, Authority and Legitimacy

Unit-14 Power and Authority
Unit-15 Legitimacy
Unit-16 Political Obligation and Revolution

Block-5 Rights, Equality, Liberty and Revolution

Unit-17 Rights and Citizenship
Unit-18 Equality
Unit-19 Liberty
Unit-20 Justice

Block-6 Democracy

Unit-21 Direct and Participatory Democracy
Unit-22 Representative Democracy
Unit-23 Socialist Democracy

Block-7 Political Ideologies

Unit-24 Individualism and Communitarianism
Unit-25 Fascism
Unit-26 Marxism
Unit-27 Gandhism (Dharma, Swaraj, Sarvodaya and Satyagraha)

Block-8 Contemporary Issues

Unit-28 State and Globalisation
Unit-29 Secularism
Unit-30 Development
Unit-31 Disadvantaged and Affirmative Action

Download IGNOU EPS-11 Study Material in PDF format.

EPS-12 Government And Politics in India [Download]

Block-1 Historical Background

Unit-1 The Consequences of Colonialism
Unit-2 Responses of Indian Society
Unit-3 National Movement
Unit-4 Emergence of New Classes

Block-2 Philosophy of Indian constitutional

Unit-5 The Making of Indian Constitution
Unit-6 Basic Features
Unit-7 Vision of Social Transformation
Unit-8 Rights and Citizenship

Block-3 Institutional Framework

Unit-9 What it Means to be A Parliamentary Democracy
Unit-10 Legislature
Unit-11 Executive
Unit-12 Judiciary
Unit-13 Bureaucracy in India

Block-4 Federalism in India

Unit-14 Nature of Indian Federalism
Unit-15 Special Provisions for North-East, J&K, Etc
Unit-16 Issues in Conflict and Cooperation in Indian Federalism
Unit-17 Autonomy Movements and State Reorganisation in India
Unit-18 Local Self-Government Institutions: Rural and Urban

Block-5 Party System and Elections in India

Unit-19 Nature of Party System in India
Unit-20 National and Regional Parties
Unit-21 Elections
Unit-22 Caste, Class and Politics in India
Unit-23 Coalition Politics

Block-6 Social and Political Movements

Unit-24 Women
Unit-25 Dalits
Unit-26 Tribals
Unit-27 Environment
Unit-28 Workers and Peasants

Block-7 Context of Indian State

Unit-29 Globalisation and Liberalisation
Unit-30 Secularism and Communal Challenge
Unit-31 Democracy in Search of Equality
Unit-32 Crime, Repression and Terror in Indian Politics

Download IGNOU EPS-12 Study Material in PDF format.

EPS-15 South Asia Economy, Society and Politics [Download]

Block-1 South Asia as Region

Unit-1 Struggle for Independence and Nationalism in South Asia
Unit-2 Human Development Profile

Block-2 Country Profiles India

Unit-3 India in the Global Power Structure
Unit-4 India in the Global Economic Order
Unit-5 India and its Neighbours

Block-3 Country Profiles Pakistan

Unit-6 Political Structures and Processes in Pakistan
Unit-7 Economy and Society in Pakistan
Unit-8 Military in the Politics of Pakistan

Block-4 Country Profiles Bangladesh

Unit-9 Political Structures and Processes in Bangladesh
Unit-10 Economy and Society in Bangladesh

Block-5 Country Profiles Nepal, Bhutan

Unit-11 Political Structures and Processes in Nepal
Unit-12 Economy and Society in Nepal
Unit-13 Economy, Society and Politics in Bhutan

Block-6 Country Profiles Sri Lanka, the Maldives

Unit-14 Political Structures and Processes in Sri Lanka
Unit-15 Economy and Society in Sri Lanka
Unit-16 Ethnic Accommodation in the Politics of Sri Lanka
Unit-17 Economy, Society and Politics in the Maldives

Block-7 Democracy in South Asia

Unit-18 Human Rights
Unit-19 Civil Society
Unit-20 Challenges to Managing Pluralism in South Asia

Block-8 South Asia in a Globalising World

Unit-21 Liberalisation and SAPs
Unit-22 Globalisation and the State

Block-9 Regional Co-operation

Unit-23 Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development
Unit-24 SAARC

Block-10 Regional Security

Unit-25 Dynamics of South Asian Security
Unit-26 Nuclear Issues
Unit-27 Resolution and Management of Conflicts

Download IGNOU EPS-15 Study Material in PDF format (English).

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