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IGNOU BA History Study Material Download PDF FREE

IGNOU BA History Study Material Download PDF. Available in English medium. The complete study material is divided into Blocks, and further divided into Units. Block cum Unit-level categorisation will help students and exam aspirants to pick and choose exact material required and download.

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Table of Contents

EHI-01 Modern India 1857-1964 [Download]

Block-1 Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism

Unit-1 Imperialism and Colonialism: A Theoretical Perspective
Unit-2 Imperialism: Its Effects
Unit-3 The Rise of National Consciousness
Unit-4 The Revolt of 1857
Unit-5 Colonialism: The New Administrative System- Pre and Post 1857
Unit-6 Consolidation of the Raj: Frontier and Foreign Policy

Block-2 Emergence of Organised Nationalism

Unit-7 Second Half of the 19th Century
Unit-8 Social Reforms in 19th Century India
Unit-9 Indian National Congress: Formation
Unit-10 Indian National Congress: Moderates and Extremists
Unit-11 Partition of Bengal and the Swadeshi Movement

Block-3 Radical Trends, Nationalism and Mahatma Gandhi

Unit-12 Marxist and Socialist Thought
Unit-13 The First World War: Causes and Consequences
Unit-14 The Russian Revolution: Causes, Course and Significance
Unit-15 Revolutionary Trends, Ghadar Party and Home Rule League

Block-4 Nationalism Inter-War Years-I

Unit-17 Constitutional Reforms: 1892-1920
Unit-18 Non-Cooperation and Khilafat Movement: 1919- 1922
Unit-19 The Akali Movement
Unit-20 The Non- Brahmin Movement in Western in Western and Southern India
Unit-21 The Swarajists and Constructive Work: 1922-29
Unit-22 Growth of Communalism up to the Second World War

Block-5 Nationalism Inter-War Year-II

Unit-23 Freedom Movement and Nationalist Literature
Unit-24 Revolutionary and Terrorist Movement: Bhagat Singh and Chittagong Armoury Raid
Unit-25 Civil Disobedience Movement —1930 -1934
Unit-26 Indian National Congress – Socialist Ideas:Role of Nehru and Bose
Unit-27 Growth of Left: Communist Party of India and Congress Socialist Party
Unit-28 Growth of Trade Union and Peasant Movement: 1920s – 1930s

Block-6 Nationalism Inter- War Year-III

Unit-29 Constitutional Reforms 1921-1935
Unit-30 Elections of 1937 and Congress Ministries
Unit-31 The Growth of Indian Capitalism, the Capitalist Class and the Freedom Struggle
Unit-32 Popular Struggles in the Princely States
Unit-33 World War-II: Causes, Course and Consequences

Block-7 Towards a Sovereign State

Unit-34 Indian Nationalism During World War-II: Quit India Movement and INA
Unit-35 Towards Independence, 1945-47
Unit-36 Communalism and the Partition of British India
Unit-37 Establishment of a Democratic Polity

Block-8 Independent India Towards Development 1947-1964

Unit-38 Planning and Industrialization in India
Unit-39 Planning and Land Reforms in India
Unit-40 Foreign Policy of India
Unit-41 The Theory and Practice of Secularism in India 1947-1964

Download IGNOU EHI 1 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-02 India Earliest Times to the 8th Century A.D [Download]

Block-1 Environment and Early Patterns of Adaptation

Unit-1 India : Physical Features
Unit-2 Regions in Indian History : Formation and Characteristics
Unit-3 Hunter-Gatherers : Archaeological Perspective
Unit-4 Origins of Agriculture and Domestication of Animals

Block-2 Harappan Civilization

Unit-5 Antecedents, Chronology and Geographical Spread
Unit-6 Material Characteristics
Unit-7 Nature of Contacts
Unit-8 Society and Religion
Unit-9 Diffusion and Decline

Block-3 Evolution of early Indian Society

Unit-10 Chalcolithic and Early Iron Age-I
Unit-11 Chalcolithic and Early Iron Age-II
Unit-12 The Early Vedic Society
Unit-13 Changes in The Later Vedic Phase

Block-4 India 6th to 4th Century B.C


Block-5 Polity, Society and Economy 320 B.C. to 200 B.C

Unit-18 Magadhan Territorial Expansion
Unit-19 Economy of the Mauryan Empire
Unit-20 Administrative Organisation and Relationship with Other Powers
Unit-21 Asoka’s Policy of Dhamma
Unit-22 Disintegration of the Empire

Block-6 India Century 200 B.C to 300 A.D

Unit-23 Northern-Western and Northern India
Unit-24 Expansion in Network of Trade and Urbanisation
Unit-25 Development in Religion
Unit-26 Art and Architecture

Block-7 State and Society in South India 200 B.C To 300 A.D

Unit-27 Early State Formation in Deccan
Unit-28 Early State Formation in South India (Tamilaham)
Unit-29 Agrarian Settlements and Agrarian Society in Peninsular India
Unit-30 Expansion of Trade and Urban Centres
Unit-31 Growth of Tamil Language and Literature

Block-8 India Polity B.C 300 to 800 A.D

Unit-32 Rise and Growth of Guptas –
Unit-33 Economy, Society and Polity : Guptas –
Unit-34 Post-Gupta Kingdoms in North India –
Unit-35 Kingdoms in the Deccan and the South

Block-9 Transition to early Medieval India

Unit-36 Changes in Economy
Unit-37 Changes in Society
Unit-38 Structure of Polity
Unit-39 Developments in Religion

Download IGNOU EHI 2 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-03 History India From 8th to 15th Century [Download]

Block-1 Early Medieval Economy 8th to 13th Century

Unit-1 Agrarian Economy
Unit-2 Urban Settlements –
Unit-3 Trade and Commerce –
Unit-4 Trading Communities and Organisations

Block-2 Society and Culture 8th to 13th Century

Unit-5 Social Organisation –
Unit-6 Ideology –
Unit-7 Development of Regional Cultural Traditions

Block-3 Indian Polity in its Regional Variation 8th to 13th Century

Unit-8 Nature of Regional Politics –
Unit-9 Northern and Eastern India –
Unit-10 Western and Central India –
Unit-11 The Deccan –
Unit-12 South India

Block-4 Establishment of Delhi Sultanate

Unit-13 Rise of Turks and Mongols in Central Asia –
Unit-14 Establishment and Consolidation –
Unit-15 Territorial Expansion

Block-5 Indian Polity The Sultanate

Unit-16 Administration of the Sultanate
Unit-17 Formation of the Sultanate Ruling Class
Unit-18 Problem, Crisis and Decline

Block-6 Economy of Delhi Sultanate

Unit-19 State and Economy
Unit-20 Agrarian Structure
Unit-21 Rise of Urban Economy Trade and Commerce
Unit-22 Technology and Crafts

Block-7 The Regional Powers 13th to 15th Century

Unit-23 Central and Eastern India –
Unit-24 Northern and Western India
Unit-25 State, Administration and Economy in North India
Unit-26 Regional Powers in South India and Deccan
Unit-27 The Vijaynagar Empire
Unit-28 The Bahmanis

Block-8 Society And Culture 13th to15th Century

Unit-29 Socio-Religious Movement: Bhakti Movement
Unit-30 Socio-Religious Movement: Sufi Movement
Unit-31 Art and Architecture of Delhi Sultanate
Unit-32 Art and Architecture of Regional States
Unit-33 Language and Literature
Unit-34 Lifestyle and Popular Cultures

Download IGNOU EHI 3 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-04 India From 6th to Mid 18th Century [Download]

Block-1 India in the 16th Century

Unit-1 Political Formations in Central and West Asia –
Unit-2 Polity and Economy in North India –
Unit-3 Polity and Economy in Deccan and South India –
Unit-4 The Trading World of Asia and the Coming of the Portuguese

Block-2 Mughal Empire Polity

Unit-5 Growth of Mughal Empire: 1526-1556
Unit-6 Expansion and Consolidation: 1556-1707
Unit-7 Relations with Central Asia and Persia

Block-3 Regional Powers and the Mughals

Unit-8 Ahmednagar, Bijapur and Golkonda
Unit-9 The Deccan States and the Mughals
Unit-10 Rise of the Marathas in the 17th Century
Unit-11 Rajput States

Block-4 Political Ideas and Institutions


Block-5 State and Economy

Unit-16 Mughal Land Revenue System
Unit-17 Agrarian Relations: Mughal India
Unit-18 Land Revenue System: Maratha, Deccan and South India
Unit-19 Agrarian Relations: Deccan and South India
Unit-20 Fiscal and Monetary System, Prices

Block-6 Production and Trade

Unit-21 Agricultural Production –
Unit-22 Non-Agricultural Production –
Unit-23 Inland and Foreign Trade –
Unit-24 Personnel of Trade and Commercial Practices –
Unit-25 The European Trading Companies

Block-7 Society and Culture I

Unit-26 Population in Mughal India
Unit-27 Rural Classes and Life-style
Unit-28 Urbanisation, Urban Classes and Life-style
Unit-29 Religious Ideas and Movements
Unit-30 State and Religion

Block-8 Society and Culture II

Unit-31 Indian Languages and Literature
Unit-32 Science and Technology
Unit-33 Architecture
Unit-34 Painting and Fine Arts

Block-9 India at the Mid 18th Century

Unit-35 Decline of the Mughal Empire
Unit-36 Rise of Regional Powers
Unit-37 Potentialities of Economic Growth: An Overview

Download IGNOU EHI 4 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-05 India frim Mid-18th to Mid-19th Century [Download]

Block-1 Rise of Regional Powers

Unit-1 Indian Polity in the mid-18th Century
Unit-2 Bengal and Awadh
Unit-3 The Maratha State System
Unit-4 Mysore and Hyderabad
Unit-5 The Punjab

Block-2 Capitalism and Imperialism

Unit-6 Mercantile to Industrial Capitalism in Europe
Unit-7 European Colonial Powers

Block-3 British Conquest and Consolidation

Unit-8 The British in Eastern India up to Buxar
Unit-9 Conflict and Expansion- South India
Unit-10 Anglo-Maratha and Mysore Wars
Unit-11 British Expansion- North India
Unit-12 British Expansion Beyond Indian Frontiers
Unit-13 Imperial Ideology: Orientalist Construction of India and the Utilitarians

Block-4 Colonial Economy

Unit-14 Mercantile Policies and Indian Trade
Unit-15 The New Land Revenue Settlements
Unit-16 The Commercialisation of Agriculture
Unit-17 De-Industrialisation in India
Unit-18 Economic Impact of Colonial Rule

Block-5 Cultural Contours

Unit-19 Literature in the Indian Languages
Unit-20 The Languages of Modern India
Unit-21 The Spread of English Education
Unit-22 The Indian Mind and Western Knowledge : Growth of Critical Consciousness

Block-6 Impact of British Rule Polity and Society

Unit-23 Constitutional Development (1757-1858)
Unit-24 Administration and Law
Unit-25 Social Policy and Indian Response

Block-7 Social and Cultural Change

Unit-26 Reform Movement – I
Unit-27 Reform Movement – II
Unit-28 Social Discrimination and Disprivileged Groups

Block-8 Popular Revolts and Uprisings

Unit-29 Peasant and Tribal Uprisings
Unit-30 Revolt of 1857 – Cause and Nature
Unit-31 Revolt of 1857 – Course and Aftermath

Download IGNOU EHI 5 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-06 History of China and Japan (1840-1949) [Download]

Block-1 Society, Economy and Polity

Unit-1 Land and People (East Asia)
Unit-2 Society and Polity : China
Unit-3 Society and Polity : Japan
Unit-4 Traditional Economy : China and Japan
Unit-5 Religion and Culture : China and Japan

Block-2 Western Imperialism

Unit-6 The Opium Wars in China
Unit-7 The Unequal Treaty System in China
Unit-8 Japan and the West (Up to the Meiji Restoration)

Block-3 Japan Transition to Modernization

Unit-9 Decline of Feudalism and the Meiji Restoration
Unit-10 Modernization in Japan-1
Unit-11 Modernization in Japan-2
Unit-12 Modernization in Japan-3

Block-4 Rebellions, Reforms and Revolution

Unit-13 Taiping Uprising
Unit-14 Boxer Rebellion
Unit-15 Self Strengthening Movement and Hundred Days Reforms
Unit-16 Political Reforms in Japan
Unit-17 The Chinese Revolution of 1911

Block-5 Foreign Relations

Unit-18 Meiji Japan -1
Unit-19 Meiji Japan – II
Unit-20 Japan and World War -1
Unit-21 China and World War -1

Block-6 Post World War-I- Japan

Unit-22 Rise of Political Parties
Unit-23 Rise of Militarism
Unit-24 Post World War-I Economy
Unit-25 Japanese Imperialism upto Second World War
Unit-26 Japan After World War-II

Block-7 Post-Revolutionary China, 1911-21

Unit-27 Post-Revolutionary Developments, 1911-19
Unit-28 Cultural Movement
Unit-29 Foreign Investment and Rise of the New Class
Unit-30 Rise of Nationalism

Block-8 Communist Movement in China 1921-49

Unit-31 Formation of the Communist Party of China (CPC)
Unit-32 United Front
Unit-33 Kiangsi Soviet Experience
Unit-34 CPC and the War with Japan
Unit-35 The Chinese Revolution

Download IGNOU EHI 6 Study Material in PDF format.

EHI-07 Modern Europe (Mid 18th to Mid 20th Centuries) [Download]

Block-1 The Origins of Modern Politics-1

Unit-1 The Modern State and Politics
Unit-2 Political Transition in Britain: 1780-1850
Unit-3 The American Revolution

Block-2 The Origins of Modern Politics-2

Unit-4 Radical Action by the Masses
Unit-5 Birth of the Modern French State
Unit-6 European Political Mobilizations
Unit-7 New Political Systems

Block-3 Industrial Revolution in Europe

Unit-13 Family
Unit-12 Demography
Unit-14 The Social Classes in Europe
Unit-15 Transition to Class Society

Block-4 Modern Industrial Society

Unit-13 Family
Unit-12 Demography
Unit-14 The Social Classes in Europe
Unit-15 Transition to Class Society

Block-5 The Nation- State System

Unit-16 Nationalism and the Nation-State
Unit-17 Formation of Nation-States-1: British and French
Unit-18 Formation of Nation-States-2: Germany and Italy
Unit-19 Empires and Nation-States-1: Ottoman and Habsburg Empires
Unit-20 Empires and Nation-States-2: The Russian Empire and Soviet Union

Block-6 Colonialism and Imperialism

Unit-21 Colonialism
Unit-22 Patterns of Colonial Domination-1: Direct Rule
Unit-23 Patterns of Colonial Domination-2: Indirect Rule
Unit-24 Imperialist Rivalries

Block-7 The Crisis of the 20th Century

Unit-25 Liberal Democracy
Unit-26 Counter Revolution I: Fascism to Conservative Dictatorship
Unit-27 Counter Revolution II: National Socialism in Germany
Unit-28 The Socialist World I
Unit-29 The Socialist World II

Block-8 The World At War

Unit-30 The Two World Wars
Unit-31 Nature of the Wars
Unit-32 Glimpse of the Post-War World

Download IGNOU EHI 7 Study Material in PDF format.

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