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IGNOU BA Economics Study Material (English) Download

Download IGNOU BA Economics Study Material (English) medium. Available in PDF format. Published by IGNOU. Proper care has been taken for easy navigation and accuracy of content. The study material provided here for IGNOU BA Economics (English medium) are standard textbooks.

It is referred by IGNOU students and exam aspirants preparing for many Central and State-held recruitment examinations.

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Table of Contents

BECE-214 Agricultural Development in India [Download]

Block-1 Agriculture and Economic Development

Unit1 Agriculture and Economic Growth
Unit2 Land Utilisation and Cropping Pattern
Unit3 Water and Irrigation Resources

Block-2 Indian Agriculture : Institutional Perspectives

Unit4 Land and Agrarian Relations During the PreIndependence Period
Unit5 Land and Agrarian Relations During the PostIndependence Period
Unit6 Panchayati Raj and Local Self

Block-3 Agricultural Development through the Plans

Unit7 Role and Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy
Unit8 Diversification Trends of Indian Agriculture
Unit9 Forestry in India: Linkage with Agriculture Sector
Unit10 Rural Industrialisation Programme

Block-4 Technological Changes in Indian Agriculture

Unit11 Green Revolution
Unit12 New Technology and Distribution of Gains
Unit13 Trends in Agricultural Productivity
Unit14 New and Emerging Agricultural Practices

Block-5 State and Agricultural Sector

Unit15 Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture
Unit16 Agricultural Marketing in India
Unit17 Cooperative Movement and Agriculture in India
Unit18 Institutional Finance, Contract Farming and Food Supply Chain

Block-6 Issues in Agricultural Sector-I

Unit19 Food Security
Unit20 Agricultural Price Policy and Food Inflation
Unit21 Environmental Impact of Agricultural Progress
Unit22 New Agricultural Strategy

Block-7 Issues in Agricultural Sector-II

Unit23 Agricultural Taxation, Subsidies and Insurance
Unit24 Agricultural Labour and Wages
Unit25 Small Farmers’ Distress and MGNREGA

Block-8 Agriculture and International Context

Unit26 Foreign Trade in Agricultural Goods
Unit27 International Commitments

Download BECE 214 Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-06 Patterns of Economic Development : A Comparative Study [Download]

Block-1 Economic History of UK : Part I

Unit1 Changes in the Agrarian Structure: Classical Serfdom to Second Enclosure
Unit2 Industrial Revolution

Block-2 Economic History of U.K.-II

Unit3 The Rise of Competing Nations, Export of Capital and the First World War (18701914)
Unit4 Interwar Years (1919-39)

Block-3 Economic History of Japan-I

Unit5 Japan on the Eve of the Meiji Restoration
Unit6 Specific Features of the Japanese Transition to CapitalismAgriculture and Industry

Block-4 Economic History of Japan-II

Unit7 The Japanese Strategy of Industrialisation Upto World War I
Unit8 Japanese Industrialisation in the InterWar Period

Block-5 Economic Development of Russia-I

Unit9 Economic Development in Russia 18601917
Unit10 October Revolution and Economic Development: 1917-1920

Block-6 Economic Development of Russia-II

Unit11 Soviet Economic Development: 1921-1928
Unit12 Soviet Economic Development: 1928-1941

Block-7 Modern Economic Growth I : Experience Generalised

Unit13 Rate, Structure and Spread of Modern Economic Growth
Unit14 Approaches to Stages of Development

Block-8 Unequal Exchange, Colonial Transfer and the Financing of Industrial Revolution and Capital

Unit15 Colonial Trade and Transfer from the 16th to the 18th Century
Unit16 The Colonial Financing of Capital Exports in the 19th Century and Some Theories of Capitalism and Underdevelopment

Block-9 Development of Underdevelopment

Unit17 The CentrePeriphery Thesis: The Latin American School
Unit18 Growth in Dual/Labour Surplus Economy

Block-10 Contemporary Issues in Development

Unit19 Unequal Exchange, Global Accumulation and Underdevelopment
Unit20 The Crisis in Development Planning: Contemporary Issues

DownloadEEC-06Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-10 National Income Accounting [Download]

Block-1 Introduction to National Income Accounting

Unit1 National Income and the Economy
Unit2 Circular Flow of Economic Activity
Unit3 The Production Processes

Block-2 Some Concepts Related to National Income Accounting

Unit4 Concept and Measurement of National Income
Unit5 Disposable Income Aggregates
Unit6 National Capital

Block-3 Evolution and Uses of National Income Accounting

Unit8 Application of National Income Accounts
Unit7 Evolution of National Income Accounting with Special Reference to India

Block-4 Economic Policy and National Income Accounting

Unit9 Portfolio Investment
Unit10 Consumption and Saving Behaviour of the Economy
Unit11 Flow of Funds in the Economy
Unit12 Investment

Block-5 Classification of Economic Transactions

Unit13 Classification of Economic Transaction and Transactors
Unit14 System of National Income Accounts: The Basic Structure
Unit15 Consolidated Accounts of a Nation: The Basic Structure

Block-6 National Income Accounting in India

Unit16 Methodology of National Income Statistics
Unit17 Data Sources of Estimation of National Income and Related Aggregates of India

Block-7 Economic Development and National Income Accounting

Unit18 Role and Contribution of the Public Sector in National Income
Unit19 The Social Sector and National Income Accounting
Unit20 Services Sector and National Income Accounting

Block-8 National Income, Economic Welfare and Social Development

Unit21 National Income and Economic Welfare
Unit22 Alternative Recent Indicators of Social Developments

Block-9 Recent Issues

Unit23 National Accounts and the Environment
Unit24 Recent Changes in the Analysis and Presentation of National Accounts

DownloadEEC-10Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-11 Fundamental of Economics [Download]

Block-1 Introduction of Economics

Unit1 Central Problems
Unit2 Basic Economics Concepts
Unit3 Methods of Economic Analysis

Block-2 Theory of Consumer Behaviour

Unit4 Demand Function and Elasticity
Unit5 Consumer Equilibrium: Cardinal and Ordinal Approaches

Block-3 Theory of Production and Costs

Unit6 Theory of Production
Unit7 Theory of Costs

Block-4 Market Structure

Unit8 Various Forms of Market
Unit9 Theory of Monopoly
Unit10 Theory of Monopolistic Competition

Block-5 Pricing in Factor Markets

Unit11 Marginal Productivity
Unit12 Rent, Interest and Profit

Block-6 Macroeconomic Aggregates

Unit13 Circular Flow and National Income
Unit14 National Income Measurement

Block-7 Determination of Income, Employement and Interest

Unit15 Equilibrium in Goods Market
Unit16 Equilibrium in Money Market
Unit17 Integration of Goods and Money Markets

Block-8 Money and Prices

Unit18 Quantity Theory of Money
Unit19 Inflation and Unemployment

Block-9 Introduction to International Trade and Public Economics

Unit20 Topics in International Economics
Unit21 Public Economics

DownloadEEC-11Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-12 Indian Economic Development since Independence [Download]

Block-1 Main Feature of Indian Economy

Unit1 Economy at the Time of Independence
Unit2 Growth and Structural Change in Indian Economy
Unit3 Current Problems and Issues
Unit4 Inflation in India

Block-2 Indian Economy : Growth and Development

Unit5 Determinants of Growth and Development
Unit6 Social Indicators of Developmen
Unit7 Planning in India

Block-3 Resource Base of Indian Economy

Unit8 Natural Resources
Unit9 Demographic Features
Unit10 Human Resource Development
Unit11 Infrastructure
Unit12 Environment and Sustainable Development

Block-4 Agriculture in India

Unit13 Role of Agriculture
Unit14 Institutional and Technological Factors
Unit15 NonFarm Services

Block-5 Industry in India

Unit16 Industrilization: Concepts and Problems
Unit17 Role of State in Industrial Development
Unit18 Small Scale Sector

Block-6 Labour and Employment

Unit19 Employment Structure
Unit20 Unemployment
Unit21 Industrial Relations

Block-7 External Sector

Unit22 Role of Foreign Trade in India
Unit23 Balance of Payments
Unit24 Foreign Capital and Multinational Corporation

Block-8 Economic Reforms in India

Unit25 Theoretical Issues
Unit26 Privatisation in India
Unit27 Globalization of Indian Economy
Unit28 Economic Reforms and Social Justice

DownloadEEC-12Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-13 Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques [Download]

Block-1 Data and its Presentation

Unit1 Basic Concepts
Unit2 Data Collection Methods
Unit3 Tabulation and Graphical Representation of Data

Block-2 Summarisation of Univariate Data

Unit4 Measures of Central Tendency
Unit5 Measures of Dispersion
Unit6 Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis

Block-3 Sumarisation of Bivariate Data

Unit7 Presentation of Bivariate Data
Unit8 Correlation Analysis
Unit9 Regression Analysis

Block-4 Index Numbers, Time Series and Vital Statistics

Unit10 Index Numbers
Unit11 Deterministic Time Series and Forecasting
Unit12 Vital Statistics

Block-5 Probability and Probability Distribution

Unit13 Elementary Probability
Unit14 Probability Distributions I
Unit15 Probability Distributions II

Block-6 Sampling Theory and Survey Techniques

Unit16 Basic Concepts of Sampling
Unit17 Sampling Procedure

Block-7 Statistical Inference

Unit18 Statistical Estimation
Unit19 Testing of Hypothesis
Unit20 ChiSquare Test for Nominal Data

DownloadEEC-13Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-14 Agricultural Development in India [Download]

Block-1 Indian Agriculture: Institutional Perspectives

Unit1 Land Relations in PreBritish India
Unit2 Agrarian Relations during British Rule in India
Unit3 Land Reforms during 1947-70
Unit4 Land Reforms: Programme and Performance after 1970

Block-2 Agricultural Economy of India

Unit5 Role and Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy
Unit6 Diversification Trends of Indian Agriculture
Unit7 Forestry in India: Linkage with Agriculture Sector
Unit8 Rural Industrialisation Programme

Block-3 Agricultural Resources

Unit9 Land Utilisation and Cropping Pattern
Unit10 Irrigation in India
Unit11 Dryland Farming and Agroclimatic Zoning

Block-4 Technological Change in Agriculture

Unit12 Green Revolution: Nature and Extent
Unit13 New Technology and Distribution of Gains
Unit14 Trends in Agricultural Productivity

Block-5 State and Agriculture Sector

Unit15 Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture
Unit16 Agricultural Marketing in India
Unit17 Cooperative Movement in Agriculture
Unit18 Cooperative Legislations in India

Block-6 Issues Before Agricultural Development

Unit19 Agricultural Pricing Policy in India
Unit20 Agricultural Taxation and Subsidies
Unit21 Public Distribution System and food Security
Unit22 Agriculture in the Context of Globalisation of the Economy

DownloadEEC-14Study Material (English) Economics

EEC-19 Indian Financial Systems [Download]

Block-1 The Basics of Financial System

Unit1 Saving and Investment Process : Role of Financial System
Unit2 Flow of Funds
Unit3 Determinants of Interest Rates
Unit4 Budgetary Policy and Indian Financial System

Block-2 Banking System and Money Market

Unit5 Commercial Banks in India
Unit6 Regulatory Framework for Banks and NonBanking Finance Companies
Unit7 Money Market in India

Block-3 Capital Market in India

Unit8 Capital Market (I) : New Issues Market
Unit9 Capital Market (II) : Secondary Market
Unit10 Regulatory Framework for Capital Market

Block-4 Financial and Investment Institutions in India

Unit11 All India Financial Institutions
Unit12 Investment Institutions in India
Unit13 Credit Rating Agencies in India
Unit14 India and the Global Financial System

DownloadEEC-19Study Material(English) Economics

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