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Upkar Prakashan: Teacher Eligibility Test Child Development & Pedagogy (For All Classes)

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Upkar TET Child Development Pedagogy Book, a Central & State Teacher Eligibility Test for all Classes, authored & written by Dr. Shyam Anand and RL Sharma.

Published by Upkar Prakashan. Prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern of CTET and State TET.

Content (Upkar TET Child Development Pedagogy Book):

Meaning of Child Development
● Development of the Whole Child
● Development, Growth and Maturation
● Growth and Development Compared
● Characteristics and Principles of Development
● Educational Implications of the Principles of Development
● Stages of Development
● Characteristics of Each Stage of Human Growth and Development
● Significance of Interrelationships and Interdependence of Various Aspects of Development
● Psychological Characteristics of an Adolescent
● Measurements of Attitudes
● Importance of Measuring Interest
● Definition of Aptitude
● Definitions of Intelligence
● Description of Intelligence
● Theories of Intelligence
● Development of Personality
● Determinants of Personality
● Mental Health
● Foundations of Mental Health
● Approaches and Methods Used to Understand Learner’s Behaviour
● Case Study Approach
● Experimentation
● Observation
● Interview
● Developmental Tasks
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 1
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 2

2. Understanding Learning

● Concept and Nature of Learning
● Nature and Characteristics of Learning
● Learning Process
● Principles or Laws of Learning and the Teacher
● Classification of Determinants of Learning
● The Child as a Learner
● Environment as a Factor in Learning
● Teacher as the Inductor of Change and a Factor in Learning
● Approaches to Learning and their Applicability
● Major Domains of Learning
● Cognitive Domain and Educational Implications
● Affective Domain of Learning Formation of Attitudes, Emotions and Values
● Motivation
● Memory and Forgetting
● Curves of Forgetting
● Causes and Minimising Forgetfulness
● Definition and Nature of Transfer Learning
● Transfer of Training : Two Schools of Thought
● Principles of Transfer of Learning
● Implications of Transfer of Learning for Teaching-Learning Situations
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 1
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 2
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 3
3. Pedagogical Concerns 122–184
● Pedagogy
● Relevance of Child Development for the Teacher and especially an Elementary Teacher in Understanding the Learner and his Behaviour
● Understanding of Pedagogic Methods
● Characteristics of Children’s Concepts
● Phases of Teaching
● Steps in Designing Instructional System
● Task Analysis in Planning of Teaching
● Classroom Climate and Teacher’s Role in the Development of Child
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 1
● Multiple Choice Questions Set No. 2

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TET Child Development & Pedagogy

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Dr. Shyam Anand

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