SSC Junior Electrical Previous Years’ Papers (Solved)

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SSC JE Electrical Engineering Exam Book is published by Ramesh Publishing House. It is available in English medium. Latest Edition & Uptodate Best Guide Book cum Reference Book for SSC Recruitment Exam Preparation. Consist of Previous Years Solved Question Papers; prepared & designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and examination pattern – SSC Junior Electrical Previous Years’ Papers (Solved) PAPER 2 (CONVENTIONAL). This immensely valuable book of Previous Years Solved Papers is specially published for the aspirants of SSC JE (Electrical) Exam (Paper II Conventional). The book will serve well both as practice material & a true test of your studies and preparation with actual exam-questions. The book comprises numerous questions in several Solved Previous Years Papers which will prove extremely useful for you to be familiar with the current exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and their best answers. Content of the book: Previous Paper, 2017 (Exam held on 29 April, 2018); Previous Paper (Solved) 2016 (Exam held on July 2017); Previous Paper (Solved), 2015; Previous Paper (Solved), 2014; Previous Paper (Solved), 2013; Previous Paper (Solved), 2012; Previous Paper (Solved), 2011; Previous Paper (Solved), 2010; Previous Paper (Solved), 2009; Previous Paper (Solved), 2008; Previous Paper (Solved), 2007.

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SSC Junior Electrical Previous Years' Papers (Solved) PAPER 2 (CONVENTIONAL)

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