Pharmacology for MBBS

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Pharmacology MBBS APC SK Srivastava Book is published by Avichal Publishing Company. It is available in English medium. Latest Edition & Uptodate Best Guide Book cum Reference Book for MBBS Exam Preparation. Prepared & designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and examination pattern – Pharmacology for MBBS. Salient Features
The content is well organised and mechanism has been explained in simple language.
The basic concepts have been clarified in each chapter with generalizations for better understanding.
The clinical uses of drugs or group of drugs (with preferred agent for each use) have been mentioned with relevant explanation / pharmacological basis as applicable. Current status of drugs is clearly mentioned wherever applicable.
The Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) specific to a drug have been mentioned with cause of ADR and treatment, if applicable.
The important facts and reasoning are given throughout the text.
Important notes have been mentioned to include certain generalizations and key points.
Special topics: Drugs for glaucoma, immunopharmacology, dermatological pharmacology, drugs in pregnancy, lactation, hepatic and renal damage have been covered precisely.
Standard treatment guidelines (WHO, National and recognized professional/scientific bodies) have been followed for the diseases wherever applicable.
Comments on Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) have been mentioned.

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Pharmacology for MBBS

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Dr SK Srivastava

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