NIOS Class 12 Chemistry Guide Book TOP (English)

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TOP Guide Chemistry (Subject Code Р313) NIOS Class 12 by JP Chaudhry; Assignment 1, 2, 3; Sample Paper issued by NIOS; Module 1-7/ 8A/8B


NIOS Class 12 Chemistry Guide Book English TOP Publications, a Reference Book cum Help Book, prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus of the NIOS course (313) and NIOS textbook.

It contains: Summary of the Chapters; very short Question & Answers; Short Question & Answers; Long Questions & Answers; very long Question & Answers, Important Questions & Answers; Textbook Question & Answers, and Solved Paper.

Published by TOP Publications, the NIOS Class 12 Chemistry Book immensely help students to understand the theoretical concepts of the subject followed by questions and answers. Presentation in the questions and answers format, students find it very helpful to understand the topics. And at the same time, prepare for the exams.

Not only the NIOS Class 12 Chemistry Guide Book English TOP Publications saves time and effort of students to master the subject, it gives direction to the study of the subject in an easy to understand manner. It helps students to score good marks in the subject.

Download NIOS Class 12 Chemistry Study Material, the standard textbook published by NIOS.

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