Complete Medical Physiology

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Medical Physiology APC AK Jain Book is published by Avichal Publishing Company. It is available in English medium. Latest Edition & Uptodate Best Guide Book cum Reference Book for MBBS Exam Preparation. Prepared & designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and examination pattern – Complete Medical Physiology. This book Complete Medical Physiology attempts to summarize the current state of knowledge about the functional organization of the human body. It furnishes the fundamental principles and underlying facts of human physiology for students in various disciplines of medical profession.
Some of the salient features of the book are:
1. A rapid preview has been presented to help the readers to have a bird eye view of the chapter content.
2. Diagrams, flow charts clinical pictures and summarizing tables have been incorporated to make learning easier.
3. Highlighting of important terms has been done by using italics, bold letters or pin-pointing important notes.
4. New concepts and latest developments have been included.
5. The text has been so presented that the student would find it easy to attempt any questions in the form of objective type, multiple choice or essay type after going through the book.
6. Study questions at the end of each chapter have been included as per guidelines issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
7. Applied aspects of clinically related topics have been discussed.
8. Handy and student friendly, the book makes learning of the subject very interesting.

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Complete Medical Physiology

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Dr AK Jain

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