KVS History Teacher (PGT) Recruitment Exam

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KVS PGT History Teacher Exam Book is published by Ramesh Publishing House. It is available in English medium.

Latest Edition & uptodate best Guide Book cum Reference Book for Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Exam Preparation for History PGT.

KVS PGT History book consist of Previous Years Solved Question Papers; prepared & designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and examination pattern of KVS.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan PGT (History) Recruitment Exam book includes Model Paper (Solved) & Study Material.

The book adds up important topics as per the syllabus, saving time and effort in the preparation of the exam. The study of the 2-3 times of the book revises important concepts of the Indian historical topics.

Content (KVS PGT History):

Previous Paper (Solved);
Harappan Civilization; Rise of Magadh in Relation to 16 Mahajanpadas; Rise of Heterodox Sects with Special Reference to Buddhism, Jainism; The Mauryas; The Guptas; Society & Economy: From Vedic till 7th Century; Sultanate ERA: The Defeat of Hindu Kingdom and Establishment of Delhi Sultanate; Mughals Period (1526 to 1707); Medieval Period: Bhakti Movement and Sufism; Medieval Architecture; The Advent of Europeans and The Establishment of British Rule; British Rule and Its Impact on Indian Economy; The Revolt of 1857; The Socio-Religious Reform Movements and The Rise of Nationalism; The Indian Freedom Movement; The Constitutional Developments (1773-1950); History of The World;
Multiple Choice Questions.

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KVS: History Teacher (PGT) Recuitment Exam

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