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Content of the book: Immense Valuable Information about Job Application; What Makes a Successful Candidate?; What is an Interview?; Important Aspects of an Interview; How to maintain an Interview File?; Importance of Background Information about the Job, the Organisation and the Interviewer; What to do Before the Interview?; How to Prepare for the Interview?; How to Face a Panel Interview?; What is a Sequential Interview?; What are Group Interviews?; What is the Standard Interview Format?; Questions Likely to be Asked at an Interview; Model Answers to Questions Posed by Interviewers; Points for Information and Consideration Before the Interview; Your Experience and the Job You are Applying for; How to Enter the Interview Room?; How to Give Answers to Questions?; How to Recapture the Interviewer?s Attention?; Questions You Need to Ask Towards the End of the Interview; What to Do After the Interview?; What is a Second Interview?; How to Cope with Nervousness and Tension?; How to Avoid Anger, Arrogance and Arguments?; All About Handshake, Posture, Undesirable Gestures and Mannerisms; What to Know about Dress and Appearance?; Advantages of Skills and Assertive Behaviour in an Interview; Valuable Information about Speech and Voice; What to Know about Personality?; Important Information about an Interview as a Social Occasion; The Interview, the Interviewer and the Interviewee; What are the Things the Interviewer is Looking for?; What are the Techniques Adopted by Interviewers?; What are the Different Characteristics of Interviewers?; Main Headings under which Questions are Asked; Negative Factors which Frequently Lead to Rejection of the Candidate; Model Interviews for Various Posts/Services Appendix?Expected Interview Questions; Tackling Different Type of Questions

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Interview Manual

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