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Gullybaba Publishing House : MPA-16 विकेंद्रीकरण तथा स्थानीय शासन


Gullybaba IGNOU MPA-16 Book (Hindi) Medium (विकेन्द्रीयकरण तथा स्थानीय शासन / Decentralisation and Local Governance), a reference book cum help book with previous years solved question papers.  Available in Hindi medium.

Published by Gullybaba Publishing House (GPH) MPA 16 Guide Book (विकेन्द्रीयकरण तथा स्थानीय शासन) is prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern of the IGNOU subject.

MPA 16 Guide Book is referred in the Master of Arts (लोक प्रशासन / Public Administration) (MPA) Programme and Master of Arts (Sociology / समाजशास्त्र) (MSO) Programme.

Gullybaba MPA 16 book [विकेन्द्रीयकरण तथा स्थानीय शासन] is referred in the Second Year Compulsory Course MA Public Administration course. It also referred in MA Sociology Second Year.

Students would be highly benefitted by the Gullybaba MPA 16 Guide Book scoring good marks in the term-end exams.

Last years solved question papers would highlight the type and pattern of questions asked in the previous exams of MA Public Administration (लोक प्रशासन) and MA Sociology (समाजशास्त्र).

Gullybaba MPA 16 Recommended book [(विकेन्द्रीयकरण तथा स्थानीय शासन] encapsulates important topics related to Governance of the subject in an easy to understand manner.

It saves time and effort of students in their study and exam preparation.

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