Gullybaba IGNOU MA English (MEG) Books 1st Year Combo (MEG-1, 2, 3, 4)


IGNOU MA English MEG First Year Combo Books (MEG 1, MEG 2, MEG 3, MEG 4) | Publisher: Gullybaba Publishing House

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Gullybaba IGNOU MEG Books 1st Year Combo. The Combo Bundle consist of IGNOU MA English books of MEG 1, MEG 2, MEG 3, and MEG 4.

The set of four books of IGNOU MA English First Year would definitely help students to initiate their study in no time.

It would save time and effort of students in the procurement of the books and henceforth add it in their actual study time.

Each book of IGNOU MEG Books comes with important topics to understand the subject thoroughly in no time. Whether be that of MEG 1 (British Poetry); MEG 2 (British Poetry), MEG 3 (British Novel) and MEG 4 (Aspects of Language).

It will help students to gain confidence in the subject. The addition of previous years solved question papers of MEG 1, MEG 2, MEG 3 and MEG 4 of last years again boost up students to prepare for the exam intelligently.

They come to know the important questions that are repeated in IGNOU MA English First Year Exams (MEG 1, MEG 2, MEG 3 and MEG 4). The pattern of questions that are followed (MEG 1, MEG 2, MEG 3 and MEG 4). And the type of questions that are being asked in the 1st Year IGNOU MA English Exam.



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