Textbook of Contraception

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Contraception APC Alka Kriplani Book is published by Avichal Publishing Company. It is available in English medium. Latest Edition & Uptodate Best Guide Book cum Reference Book for MBBS Exam Preparation. Prepared & designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and examination pattern – Textbook of Contraception. This book has been written with the sole purpose of imparting basic and fundamental knowledge, practical, clinical ans operative skills of contraception to the readers. It contains chapters on various aspects of contraception in a systematic manner. Various chapters includes contraceptive practice in India an overview, choices of contraception as general topics, natural family planning methods, mechanical methods, oral and nonoral hormonal contraceptives, intraulterine devices (IUCD) and postpartum IUCD, emergency contraception, adolescent contraception, contraceptive in elderly females. Further specific chapters are contraception for women with medical disorders which are given in detail as per World Health Organisation’s Medical Eligibility Criteria. There is a chapter on contraception for lactating mothers and on post-abortal contraception. There are separate detailed chapters on female sterilization and male sterilization and male contraceptive development by experts in the area. There is a chapter on recent advances and future research on contraception.

Throughout the book, the main stress has been given on practical and clinical aspects of contraception in a specific manner using evidence based medicine, Cochrane reviews, Guidelines of the various International bodies like American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologies and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynarcologists, London. World Health Organization’s Medical Eligibility Criteria have been used in all the chapters for various medical conditiond. In chapters of male sterilization details of nonscalpel vasectomy have been given which is a very minimally invasive technology. We have other methods of male contraceptive methods to enhance the use of male Contraception. Similary there is a chapter on postpartum IUCD insertion to enhance its use and to prevent unintended pregnancies as priority by Govt. in India.

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Textbook of Contraception

Written & Authored by

Dr Seema Singhal, Dr JB Sharma, Dr Alka Kriplani

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