About Us

About Us Bukwit.com (A Snapshot): Every day we wake up to the fact that lives of thousands of students and exam aspirants are part of our family called Bukwit.com.

We are truly humbled by the enormity of responsibility we carry on our shoulders and realise their dreams that are associated with us by availing them the best services.

We interact with them, we guide them in every possible way. We don’t push sales.

We are eager to help them out to the best of our knowledge and capacity.

Very often, customers call us to check in the Internet whether the job notification has been released or not!

And sometimes, to provide them addresses and telephone number of a particular institution.

The list is long of the kind of requests that we receive.

We love them knowing to the fact somewhere in their heart they find us a true FRIEND.

We started online selling of books in 2009 in a trial mode in order to test the business part. More than that, to train ourselves in a new way of life.

Ah! We really miss those heady confused days!

We bought the domain Bukwit.com in May 2010.

Bukwit.com lived in the Google Sites (Classic) till 2017. With thousands of pages, it was one of the biggest sites that ran in Google Sites.

In 2018, we transferred Bukwit.com into a new host.

To cut the long story short, we are conscious to the fact that it may be business for us, it is more of TRUST and COMMITMENT that touches many lives all over India and abroad.

Since its inception, in a very short time period, Bukwit.com has availed its services to every part of India. In this journey, we have crossed a lot of milestones that we once set for us to achieve.

We realised, India is too big and diverse! A true learning curve: from knowledge to understanding this fact.

We have equipped students and exam aspirants by availing them the best study materials in their doorstep to get going in their preparation.