Old NCERT Books (English / Hindi)

We avail Old NCERT photocopied books and ship to candidates and aspirants all over India. The NCERT (Old) books are much sought for any examinations whether it is Central (IAS/ Civil Service ...) or State exams. 

The Old NCERT xerox study materials is availed to students appearing for the competitive recruitment examination. The books comes in the MUST read books for those appearing for IAS/ Civil Service exam.

The NCERT books (Old) are pre-2005 published books. It is to be noted that in 2005, NCERT changed the syllabus. And those books that are published before 2005 are termed as "Old NCERT" books. 

The Old NCERT books (subjects: History, Political Science, Science, Sociology, Geography, Economics) are photocopied with a high quality photocopier machine, thus giving an accurate, clean, error-free texts. Thus giving an enriching experience.