IGNOU Tourism Studies Books TS (English)

Buy the complete set of IGNOU Tourism books (Foundation Course) in English language and medium published by Neeraj and Gullybaba Publishing House (GPH). The guide books for IGNOU TS 1, TS 2, TS 3, TS 4 and TS 5 are prepared strictly in accordance to syllabus of the IGNOU course.
Students who are studying IGNOU MA in Tourism Management (MTM) with eligibility Category 2 (a Bachelors Degree in any field) have to pass the course (TS 1, TS 2, TS 3, TS 4). The guide books helps students in the preparation of 32 credit course. The books are available in English language. 

The suggested books are also helpful for students who are pursuing IGNOU BA Tourism Studies (BTS). TS 1 and TS 2 is covered in 1st Year, TS 4 and TS 5 in 2nd Year, TS 3 in 3rd Year. 

The books mentioned below is also useful for students studying IGNOU Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS). TS 1, TS 2 and TS 3 is a compulsory course. TS 4, TS 5 and TS 6 is Elective course. 

TS 5 course also appears in IGNOU Certificate in Environmental Studies CES and Certificate in Tourism Studies CTS.

Buy IGNOU Tourism books in Hindi language and medium by Neeraj Publication.
IGNOU Tourism English Books
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BookAuthorMediumPublisherCode / ISBN No. List Price (in Rs)Order Form
BookAuthorMediumPublisherCode / ISBN No. List Price (in Rs)Order Form
IGNOU TS 1 Foundation Course In Tourism  Neetu Sharma, Dinesh Verma, Anita Verma  English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-20-0  Rs 140 BUY 
IGNOU TS 3 Management In Tourism  Neetu Sharma, Dinesh Verma, Anita Verma [Publication: 2017] English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-27-9  Rs 200 BUY 
IGNOU TS 4 Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism   English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-60-6  Rs 140 BUY 
IGNOU TS 7 Human Resource Development   English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81066-09-6  Rs 120 BUY 
IGNOU TS 6 Tourism Marketing   English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-68-2  Rs 140 BUY 
IGNOU TS 2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations And Case Studies Neetu Sharma, Dinesh Verma, Anita Verma  English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-23-1 Rs 140 BUY 
IGNOU TS 5 Ecology, Environment And Tourism   English Gullybaba Publishing House 978-93-81638-61-3  Rs 140 BUY 
IGNOU TS 5 Ecology . Enviroment and Tourism  English Neeraj Publications NBETS5 Rs 120 BUY 
IGNOU TS 1 Foundation Course in Tourism  English Neeraj Publications NBETS1 Rs 120 BUY 
IGNOU TS 6 Tourism Marketing  English Neeraj Publications NBETS6 Rs 160 BUY 
IGNOU TS 2 Tourism Development : Product Operations and Case Study  English Neeraj Publications NBETS2 Rs 120 BUY 
IGNOU TS 3 Managment in Tourism  English Neeraj Publications NBETS3 Rs 120 BUY 
IGNOU TS 4 Indian Culture : Perspective for Tourism  English Neeraj Publications NBETS4 Rs 160 BUY 
IGNOU ES-333 EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES333E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-334 EDUCATION AND SOCIETY  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES334E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-331 CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES331E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-335 TEACHER AND SCHOOL  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES335E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-362 COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES362E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-332 PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES332E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-343 TEACHING OF SOCIAL STUDIES  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES343E Rs 150 BUY 
IGNOU ES-341 TEACHING OF SCIENCE  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPES341E Rs 200 BUY 
IGNOU BESE-065 HIV AND AIDS EDUCATION  English Straight Forward Publishers SFPBESE065E Rs 150 BUY 
Showing 22 items