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Reference and Guide books for CBSE Class 9 Maths
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Revision Capsule CBSE Board Class 9 Mathematics (NCERT Solutions)  English Disha Publications Books 9789382081197 / 0.2G Rs 110 Out of Print 
S.Chand's Mathematics for Class IX Term -II (Pages: 494) H.K. Dass, DR. RAMA VERMA, B.S.Sharma  English S. Chand 14A629 / 81-219-3846-5  Rs 250 BUY 
Comprehensive Math Laboratory (Experiment & Workbook) IX ( Pages: 158)  J. B. Dixit Hindi Laxmi Publication 978-81-318-0798-9 Rs 125 BUY 
Class 9th Mathematics Dr. B.S. Gupta  Hindi Ashoka Publishing House 978-93-80706-27-6/ 9789380706276 Rs 133 BUY 
Class 9th Mathematics  B.S.Gupta /Avdesh  English Ashoka Publishing House 978-93-80706-26-9/ 9789380706269 Rs 151 BUY 
JPH Consult me Mathmetics With Lab Manual (Hindi) Trivedi & Sharma Hindi JPH 817613452X Rs 160 BUY 
JPH Consult me Mathmetics With Lab Manual Trivede & Sharma English JPH 8176134511 Rs 175 BUY 
Maths Class IX, 2E (CBSE) (2011 Edition) Anil Kathuria, Lalitha Srinivasan English Tata McGraw-Hill 9780071074711 Rs 210 BUY 
Maths Capsule (Pocket Class-IX) CBSE Syllabus (Pages:450) (2010 Edition) Ajay Harit English Computech  8173174334 Rs 60 BUY 
MathsAhead CBSE 9 (Pages:780) (2004 Edition) J.P. Yadav English Orient BlackSwan ISBN 10: 8125026924/ ISBN 13: 9788125026921 Rs 170 BUY 
CBSE Sample Paper for 100% Success in Math-9(Term-1) CCE J K Kataria English Evergreen  Rs 75 BUY 
CBSE Self Study in Mathematics-9 CCE J K Kataria English Evergreen  Rs 225 BUY  
Candid CBSE Laboratory Manual In Math. - 9 Arvind Nagpal English Evergreen  Rs 135 BUY 
Candid Perfect CBSE Mathematics - 9 Deeepak Goel English Evergreen  Rs 175 BUY 
Revise Mathematics : Class 9 (Paperback) (Pages:214) (2005 Edition) Nidhi Mehra, Priyanka Chauhan English  Macmillan Publishers India 9781403927804 Rs 118 BUY 
Full Marks Mathematics Class 9 : Mathematics Class 9, 2/e (Paperback) (2010 Edition)  English  Macmillan Publishers India 9780230332386 Rs 375 BUY 
Full Marks Activity Plus In Mathematics 9 : Maths Practical 9 (Paperback) (2010 Edition)  English  Macmillan Publishers India 9780230331747 Rs 185 BUY 
Oswaal Study Material Based on NCERT Text Book Mathematics For Class-IX (Pages:328)  English Oswaal Books  Rs 83  BUY 
New Age CCE Mathematics Class - IX Term II (Pages : 244) (2011 Edition) Hari Kishan English New Age International  978-81-224-3167-4 Rs 150 BUY 
New Age CCE Mathematics Class - IX Term I (2011 Edition)  Hari Kishan  English New Age International 978-81-224-3020-2  Rs 195 BUY 
Systematic Mathematics-IX Harbans Lal English Sultan Chand 2011 Edition Rs 180 BUY 
CCE Series Mathematics Term-1 (Formative Assessment -I & II) (Pages: 116) (2010-11)  Hindi VK Publications  978-93-80735-68-9 Rs 125 BUY 
CCE Series Mathematics Term-1 (Formative Assessment -III & IV) (Pages:172) (2010-11)  Hindi VK Publications  978-93-80735-95-5 Rs 155 BUY 
CCE Mathematics , Term-2 (Formative -III & IV) (Pages: 168) (2010-11)  A.K. Tyagi English VK Publications  978-93-80901-80-0 Rs 125 BUY 
CCE Series Mathematics Term-2 (Summative-II) (Pages: 240) (2010-11)  English Ramesh Publishing House 978-93-80901-88-6 Rs 155 BUY 
Mathematics For Class IX Term I (Pages:425)  H.K. Dass, Dr.Rama Verma, B.S.Sharma English Ramesh Publishing House 14C532/81-219-2738-2 Rs 225 BUY 
Mathematics : Basic Concepts & Practices Class IX Solution Manual  Dr. Ravi Prakash English Oxford University Press 9780195692488  Rs 50 BUY 
Mathematics : Basic Concepts & Practices Class IX Dr. Ravi Prakash English Oxford University Press 9780195666649  Rs 196 BUY 
Mathematics CBSE IX A K Roy  English Oxford University Press 9780195662290  Rs 180 BUY 
Maths Ahead CBSE Class 9 (Pages:484)  English Orient BlackSwan 978-81-250-3602-9 Rs 215 BUY 
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