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Payment-Related Queries

Today being Bank holiday, how could I make the payment? It is urgent.

There are Sundays, Gazetted Holidays, and Restricted Holidays. In such cases, avoid inter-bank payment. That is making transaction between different banks, say between SBI and ICICI bank. Reason being that NEFT remains closed. 

However, in such cases, use same bank to make the payment. Use your ICICI Bank to make payment to our ICICI Bank; same with HDFC Bank, and SBI.

If you have SBI Bank Account, make the transaction using ATM. It will be prompt, with no worry. Keep in good custody, the ATM slip. 

I am having SBI Bank Account with internet banking facility, how could I make the payment immediately?

Yes, to transfer fund from your SBI Bank by Internet Banking, there is a delay of 12-hour for the addition of the beneficiary account. You can avoid it. Use SBI Bank's Card-to-Card Transfer. 

Visit any SBI Bank's ATM with your ATM Debit Card, you can immediately make the payment. Read more: SBI ATM Card to Card Transfer.

How will you come to know that I have made the payment?

Many customers ask this question. 
Customer has to inform us by email about the payment done by them with complete transaction details. Whether it is done by internet banking, ATM banking, cheque or cash deposit. Complete details of the transaction has to emailed to us. Then only, we can start working on the order. And we will be able to confirm the payment done by them. Read more: Provide Payment Details

What is the proof of my payment?

We don't deal in cash (except for Cash on Delivery service in Dwarka area, New Delhi). 

Every penny is transacted through bank. Bank provide you the receipt of your payment. Bank transact your payment to our bank account. You inform us the payment done by you and maintain in safe custody the transaction details. Once we receive your payment. We confirm the payment done by you.

Extra Charges in case of SBI 

In case of State Bank of India SBI Cash Deposit Machine CDM: Add extra Rs 25.
In case of State Bank of India GCC: Free
In case of Cash Deposit at SBI Bank branches: Rs 57