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How work?

Step 1: Customer places order (giving the details of the books with Code/ISBN No, delivery address, and contact number.) in 
Step 2: The order is checked with price and availability. 
Step 3: After the order is checked, customer is informed by email about the total cost and the bank account details of SBI/ICICI/HDFC/UBI (United Bank of India)/PNB (Punjab National Bank) as well as Airtel Money. 
Step 4: If customer agrees to the cost, he or she can make the payment by netbanking, ATM banking, cash/cheque deposit, mobile banking, and Airtel Money at any of the bank.
Step 5: Customer inform us the details of the payment done by him or her. An Order No. is generated and it is emailed. And we start working on the order.
Step 5: The ordered books are dispatched on the same date of payment or next day (subject to availability, and realisation of the payment). Please note we don't stock books, we get it from publishers, distributors, and stockist and other channels. 
Step 6: The customer is intimated by email about the dispatch details of the ordered books. 

Visit the How We Work presentation. 

How We Work

In how many days I will receive the book(s)?

On the same date of payment or next day, we dispatch books. (Subject to availability and realisation of paym).

If you are in a metro city, and it is well connected with courier services [even in metro cities, there are pockets where courier services are not available:)]. You will receive book(s) in 5-7 business days.

In far flung remote areas of NorthEast India, Ladhak, Lahaul and Spiti district, it may take more time. Our experience shows that even in these areas, book(s) are delivered on time.

Is there any courier/ shipping charge?


Return Policy

Customers can return items only if they have got wrong items. They have to inform us about the wrong item they have received. And should ship the product back to the below given address., C/O Professional Courier, Shop No. 110, 1st Floor, Plot No. 6, Vardhman Dee Cee Plaza, Central Market, Sector - 11, Dwarka, Near Akash Institute, New Delhi - 110075.

Once the item is shipped. Please inform us with details of the dispatch.  

We will dispatch the correct item.

In nutshell, the course of actions that should be followed:
  1. Customer should send us the item(s) at the above given address.
  2. Email us about the shipping details of the dispatch.
After the confirmation of the shipping, we will dispatch the correct item(s) .

Refund Policy

Customers could claim refund only if the ordered item has gone out of stock OR he or she wishes to get refund (before the ordered books are dispatched). Customers should intimate us by email at the earliest.

What are names of the courier agencies through which you send book(s)?

We are associated with reputed couriers like Professional Courier, First Flight and other region-specific courier agencies. And for specific areas, where courier service is not available, we use the service of India Post (Registered Parcel).

I didn't get the ordered book(s) in the stipulated time period? 

We too get concerned with the delay. Write to us about the delay. We will work on your request and will put our effort to locate it.

Nevertheless, if you don't receive books in 14 business days from the date of dispatch from our office. We will return the full payment.

How to order books?

It is very easy through Fill in the Order Form OR email at You don't need to register yourself for this. It is simple and easy.

Option 1 : Use Order Form

1. Copy  all the details about the books you want to buy and Paste it in the "Name of the Book(s)" section in the Order Form.

2. Mention the number of copies you wish to order in the Quantity.

For example, if you are placing order for 1 book, mention 1. 
if you are placing order for 3 copies of 1 book, mention 3.
if you are placing 3 different books 1 copy of each, mention 1.

3. Fill in correct primary Email ID and mobile/telephone number.

Option 2 : Email us

You can also email us your order. 
Provide us the following details, it would help us to process your order fast and prompt.
  • Complete details of the books that you wish to buy with name of the books, medium, publisher's name, and Code/ ISBN No.
  • Complete address with PIN Code alongwith your contact details (preferably mobile).

Option 2 : SMS

You can also place your order by sending an SMS at +91 9818 3028 55. (The service is for those customers who don't have internet access and cannot place their order online. Customers using this service have to make payment by Airtel Money or by SBI Card-to-Card Payment at ATM.
In the SMS, please mention
  • Code / ISBN No. of the books that you wish to buy.
  • Address with PIN Code
  • Mobile Number

Payment Mode

Customers can make payment by 
  • Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking (through PayUMoney payment gateway). 
  • Direct Transfer to our respective bank accounts (SBI, HDFC, ICICI, UBI, PNB, BOI) following net banking, cash / cheque deposit / ATM-to-ATM transfer
  • Airtel Money
We don't offer Cash On Delivery or VPP service.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking (by PayUMoney)

Here is the step-wise process to make payment Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking services offered by PayUMoney.

Cash / Cheque Deposit

  • Visit your nearby nationalised bank branch (SBI, UBI, BOI, PNB) and fill up the Pay-in-Slip and deposit the amount. Please don't make Cash/Cheque deposit at HDFC bank / ICICI bank.)
  • Once the payment is done. 
  1. In case of cash deposit, scan (we prefer) the stamped Pay-in-Slip and email us mentioning the (a) date of payment, (b) amount paid, (c) bank account in which the payment has been done so that we can check the transaction and start working on your order. 
  2. In case of cheque deposit, email us with mentioning the date of cheque deposit, amount paid, the bank account in which the payment was done so that we can check the transaction and start working on your order.
  • Those who don't have SBI bank account, can also visit the SBI bank and make the transaction.
  • Customers can also visit any nearby bank (it can be any bank) not necessarily SBI bank to make the payment. 

For any query, call or email us at

In case of Net Banking (Direct Transfer)

  • Log in to your official bank website and the transfer the amount to any of our bank account.
  • Once the transaction is done successfully. Email us the (a) screenshot of the transaction, (b) date of payment, (c) amount paid, (d) bank transferred to (SBI or ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank or UBI Bank).

For any query, call or email us at

In case of ATM Banking (Direct Transfer)  

In order to use ATM to transfer the amount. Visit
Then email us mentioning the (a) date of payment, (b) time of payment (see slip), (c) TXN No, (d) amount paid, (e) bank transferred to (SBI or ICICI Bank), (f) scan copy of the slip.

For any query, call or email us at

In case of Airtel Money

  • Visit your nearby Airtel Money outlet and transfer amount (or load cash) to our Mobile Number.
  • SMS or email us with the (a) date of payment, (b) Transaction ID, (c) amount paid, (d) mobile number from which the payment was done.
For any query, call or email us at

How do you deliver books in India?

Our objective is to deliver books at your desired destination in a least possible time. We take the services of established courier agencies (DTDC, First Flight, Professional Courier) and India Post

What should be the minimum cost of books to order?

The minimum order should be of Rs 300.

I don't find the book(s) that I need.

Relax. will try its best to procure for you. Visit Books On Demand and fill up your details. You will definitely hear good news from us.

I paid but later found books are out of stock. 

Such cases do happen. Books get out of stock in hours.
However, will
(a) after taking permission from you arrange the same book from other publisher (if available), or (b) return the payment.

Do you deliver books outside India? 

Yes, we do deliver books outside India.

I paid but later found price of the book(s) has/ have increased. 

We do our best to maintain the accuracy with respect to price and other relevant information. However, the price of the books is totally controlled by publishers. So it happens sometimes and despite our effort, we fail to intimate the correct price to our clients. The increased price of a book(s) also increases the courier charge due to the increase in the pages and hence the weight.

In such cases, the ordered books will not dispatched till the complete amount of the book(s) is paid. Moreover, the increase in price might or might not effect the courier. We will do our best reduce the cost.

Can I get books from your office? 

We don't stock books. If you wish to buy from our office. Please email (we prefer)/ call us about your requirement and mention that you wish to buy from our office. We will arrange for you and will inform you.

I placed an order, but I am NOT getting any response about its status. 

First, please check your mail, in case it might happen that the mail might have dropped at SPAM. You must have received a response from ''. We promptly respond to placed orders.

How to fill up the Order Form correctly? is a first-of-its-kind "No Registration" online book portal where you don't have to waste time and energy to register yourself.

As soon as you have decided the book(s) that you are going to buy, click at the "BUY" link that appears at the extreme right column, an Order Form will appear in a new tab.

Copy all the details of the books and paste at the "Order Form".
Fill up all the details correctly in the Order Form.

. You are done.
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