Postman, Mail Guard, MTS Books India Post Office (English /Hindi)

Buy Department of Posts India Post Office Postman, Mail Guard, and Multi Tasking Staff MTS Recruitment Exam books in English and in Hindi medium. The preparation books for Department of Posts (Indian Post) Postman, Mail Guard, MTS exam comes with complete study material with previous year solved papers and practice papers. The study materials for the Postman, Mail Guard and Multitasking Staff consist of topics prescribed strictly according to syllabus and question paper pattern with model test papers, solved question papers of past years. The collection book also caters to West Bengal Postman/ Mail Guard & Multi Tasking Staff MTS posts. Download Postman and Mail Guard Question Paper previous years.
I. Candidates shall be subjected to an Aptitude Test of the level of 10th class / matriculation covering the following subjects / topics:

Total Marks : 100
Part A : 25 marks, 25 Questions on General knowledge, Reasoning and Analytical Ability - Multiple Choice Questions
Part B: 25 Marks, 25 Questions of Mathematics - Multiple Choice Questions
Part C: Two segments
(i) 25 marks - English Language - Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions
(ii) 25 Marks - Regional language* - Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions

Where the regional language is also English the Part C shall comprise only one segment on English language of 50 marks, consisting of 50 questions of objective type / multiple choice questions

II. Duration of Examination : 90 minutes
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BookAuthorMediumPublisherCode/ISBN No.PriceOrder Form
पोस्टमैन एवं मैलगार्ड भर्ती परीक्षा गाइड (Postman and Mail Guard Recruitment Exam Model Test Papers Solved Latest Edition 2015) RPH Editorial Board / YEAR 2017  Hindi Ramesh Publishing House Books R-380 / 9788178129976 / 460G Rs 190 BUY 
भारतीय डाक विभाग पोस्टमैन / मैलगार्ड एवं मल्टी टास्किंग स्टाफ भर्ती परीक्षा प्रैक्टिस वर्क बुक [Postman, Mail Guard, Multi-Tasking Staff MTS] - 24 Sets [Publication Year 2017] Hindi Kiran Prakashan Books KP1962 Rs 175 BUY 
डाक विभाग मल्टी स्टाफ (Multi Tasking Staff) भर्ती परीक्षा  Hindi Ramesh Publishing House Books R-1658 / 978-93-5012-443-7 / 9789350124437 Rs 180 BUY 
Department of Posts—Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) Recruitment Exam Latest Syllabus (with Solved Test Paper) RPH Editorial Board English Ramesh Publishing House Books R-1657 / 9789350124420 / 240G Rs 160 BUY 
Postman & Mail Guard Recruitment Exam Latest Edition (with complete study material with Previous Years Solved Papers; 2000+ Multiple Choice Questions) RPH Editorial Board | Contents: Previous Year Solved Question Papers; Postal System at a Glance, General Knowledge, Reasoning & Analytical Ability, Mathematics, English English Ramesh Publishing House Books R-1707 / 9789350124925 / 390G Rs 160 BUY 
भारत सरकार डाक विभाग द्वारा आयोजित पोस्टमैन / मैलगार्ड / मल्टी टास्किंग स्टाफ भर्ती परीक्षा प्रैक्टिस सेट्स with Solved Paper 2015 [Department of Posts Postman, Mail Guard, Multi Tasking MTS Practice Sets]  Hindi Vidya Prakashan VPV782 / 9789351665840 Rs 125 BUY 
Postman Mail Guard Multi Tasking Staff Recruitment Exam Solved Papers 2014-2015 (Hindi)  Hindi Vidya Prakashan VPV785 / 9789351666738 Rs 160 BUY 
Postman Mailguard Multi Tasking Recruitment Exam with Solved Paper 2015 (Hindi)  Hindi Vidya Prakashan VPV781 / 9789351665137 Rs 200 BUY 
डाक विभाग पोस्टमैन (Postman) / मेलगार्ड (Mail Guard) भर्ती परीक्षा (गत वर्षो के हल प्रश्न-पत्र सहित) डॉ. लाल एवं जैन Hindi Upkar Prakashan Books UP1410 / 9788174828422 / 580G Rs 299 BUY 
West Bengal Circle Department of Posts Postman/ Mail Guard & Multi Tasking Staff Exam Practice Work Book —English Publishing Year 2015 English Kiran Prakashan Books KP1340 Rs 155 BUY 
Department of Posts POSTMAN / MAILGUARD Recruitment Exam  Dr. Lal & Jain English Upkar Prakashan Books UP1867 / 978-93-5013-589-1 / 9789350135891 / 570G Rs 320 BUY 
Indian Post Postman & Mailguard   English Arihant Books J628 / 9789352030361 Rs 235 BUY 
दिल्ली पोस्टमैन/मैलगार्ड भर्ती परीक्षा  Hindi Arihant Books J459 / 9789351768197 Rs 195 Update me 
Delhi Postman/Mail Guard Recruitment Exam  English Arihant Books J460 / 9789351768203 Rs 215 BUY 
Department of Posts Postman & Mail Guard Recruitment Examination 2015 Maharashtra (includes Solved Papers 2014)  English GK Publications Books 9789351444817 Rs 295 BUY 
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